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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pine Tree Crosses for Easter are here, Fairy Crosses,Trillium, and Mushrooms !

My husband and I were in the forest searching for a tool left somewhere, We did not locate it but I will one day when I am back lurking around.

We did see the early signs of spring with the Pine Tree Crosses that bloom before Easter. They are just beautiful and a sign that it will come if we just wait.

I took a photo and put int in my Etsy shop with my other Photography of country findings!

Here is my Photography section of my shop, I Have so many more photos to add, it just takes time.

I also added a photo of the Fairy Crosses I have found, I  Have a jar full that I have sifted through and
Love them. Some are large, small, tiny , and eeny meeny but they are there.

All of the stone here are so enchanting to me, they really shine when wet!

When in the woods yesterday I saw many Trillium shoots sprouting up in the forest and last year I took this photo in my yard.

They will look like this before too long!

I have not seen many mushrooms this year yet, we have been dry although  it is raining today! I saw the "Gray Urn" Mushroom on a log beside my house and then also when I went  to the forest for an order of moss.

These are just a few of my findings lately!

Thanks for dropping by!
Smiles, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

fairy crosses...somewhere I've got a handful and haven't thought of them in years. loved your walk, the woods are pretty when it's spring. right now, we're having a spring blizzard and it's COLD!

裙底淫照 said...