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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So Blessed!

Up-coming Valentine's Day Holiday!

I made a Valentine Vignette with some things I found around my over-flowing stashes'! I love to create tiny tabletop displays now as I have no room like I used to when my daughter was small, Oh, I used to decorate the whole house  especially using her Valentine Day cards from her grandparents as hanging mobiles and two of the items I found were just like them.  These are now in my frstyfrolk Etsy shop!

I even used an old Vintage Rusty Crusty Bed Spring Coil for a vase;

I had added some silk flowers for the vignette that I don't use anymore as I like things fresh from the forest now more and more. I have a large stash of silks that I used to get  from my shopping sprees in Alabama. I have them in my attic displays and craft stash and will one day use some of them but never all of them. I have so many here and there in hanging baskets, galvanized vases and tubs, jars, bins, and in my warehouse. I also took a large wood holder for my consignment shop to hold them.. It looks kind of empty, I need to add more! But, I am going to take out the wood holder which I had full in my attic and bring in a new shelf with slates to hold some linens.  I will replace it with a galvanized vase.

I also got a square cubicle space for Books and Magazines, etc right next to my space!
I have lots of materials to fill it up with and during these winter months, a good time to sit down and read a good book or browse vintage and newer magazines!

Matter of fact, it is starting to snow here and sticking!

I have been working as "frstyfrolk" trying to get more items listed in my Vintage Etsy shop and having so many wonderful conversations with new made friends!

I am putting my fabrics, ribbons, and sewing notions in here and at my Consignment shop at Victoria's in  Blairesville, GA. It is about 20 miles from my house.

I am also making new terrariums for Valentine's Day, using the new pink sand I found!

Of course, I am still in the garden sprucing it up, this time the left vertical wall! I have been fighting it for 3 years now so I decided to ad what naturally grows there around my neighborhood and surrounding areas, juts not on MY wall! I am adding lots of sheet moss and cushion moss, along with the Reindeer Moss to help hold it all in place.
I was playing around with my reindeer moss and tried dying it as I have seen.
It turned out pretty good but, very time consuming.

I adore my new purple sled I got to use when collecting moss, it makes it so much easier.

Moss on old walls

Isn't it beautiful, I also am adding this moss which grows across the street from me, it grows high and has little broom like tassels on it. 

Here is the wall I am working on

I am trying to cover the rooted vines that are rambling around on my wall. The wall is shaded by the house and gets no direct sunshine.

One the other side, I am adding some rose branches to an existing rose area that never blooms, I just moved some leaves and presto, British Soldier Lichen, Moss and Strawberries are found.

 I also love the skeleton leaves found under dried leaves! Then, I added some cut up bananas to the planting area... They are good for them.

Another thing, I have been obsessed with this magazine I got about container gardening and the Pussy Willows got my attention right away.  So, I went and cut some branches to try to force and now I  cannot find any bulbs in the stores yet. I want the purple Hyacinths.

I wish I know of a friend with a garden needing to divide but not happens! So, I will keep looking!

I also found my best find ever at the Recycle Trash Site a couple of weeks ago. Get this!

At first, I saw the baskets and I ask if I could have them, he said certainly and then when he left I found the tables they must have  gone with just left on the side of the trash area. Why not re-cycled to a charity thrift ?, I don't know but I am much appreciative, (Grins)

Than ks for reading, My husband just told me I have been on Etsy (7) Seven years now, he is reading a n email. I better go have a giveaway!
Let me think!

Smiles, Cyndi

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dorene ~ EarthLites: Baby it's Cold Outside!

I want to introduce you to a new Blogger and Etsy Teammate I have met: Meet "Dorene of EarthLites"!

Dorene ~ EarthLites: Baby it's Cold Outside!: It’s been awhile since the New Year began and we are back into the Ice Age! I've had Cabin Fever since the first of January and n...
See Dorene's Blog Post above! You will love her shop and  blog!

Dorene from "Earthlites" makes the neatest feather hats from Vintage Hats she finds and upcycles them to an altered art state which I adore. Please check out her latest creations!

I met "EarthLite"s from an Etsy Team we both belong too, " Vintage Vertigo"  Tag s are V2Team or vintagevertigoteam. When I first joined I loved the graphic of the swinging girl, I knew this would be a fun trip!

This is one of the most active teams I have been a part of and made so many new friends. I have made sales from the Team  Treasuries and it sure helps out, I love posting them to Pinterest, tweeting and Google them, and my Facebook  business page as Frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams"!

This post is about my alter ego "frstyfrolk" Vintage versus "ByLightOfMoon" as normal. Well, I do try to include both in my blog.I am moving many of my notions and ribbons already listed along with fabrics and sewing notions to my frstyfrolk  Etsy shop instead of having them in my supplies ByLightOfMoon shop as it is more Nature Oriented as it turns out!  Please see Craftcult sidebar links!

I only blog here for both sites as so many places are too hard to keep up with.

The last Treasury I made with a "Flirty Flowers Theme"

Have a fun day!
Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, January 12, 2015


CRAFTING FRIENDS TRIO: January Giveaway: Giveaway Time There will be 3 winners!  Dani, from Sweet Home Stitchery will  be giving away 3 hand stitched note cards (with envelopes)...
Lynn, from RaggyAnne  is giving away a cute mug rug..great for the table..this can be used also as a candle mat...very pretty! And Nancy, from Huggins Haven will be  giving away some bath salts and bubble bath.....just yummy stuff.

Go to the above link for fabulous photos of great gifts!

Be sure to tell them what you would like to win! 
Smiles, Cyndi
 The lucky winner will receive the following: 4 oz. bottle of Bubble Bath (Ocean Flower Scent),
4 soap petals (Rain, scent),6 oz. Bath Salts (Fresh Linen), Heart Shaped Soap (Lilac Scent)

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Friday Flea Marketplace!

I am published on the Friday Flea Market with lots of other link up's!

                                       Come and see some fabulous finds at the Marketplace! 
                                                              Smiles, Cyndi