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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hummingbirds, Gardening, On-Line Selling,

Our Hummingbird Feeder 

My hanger for the hummingbirds I made from a  Mountain Laurel Branch

Re-posted ~ I wrote this to a friend:

Terror in my heart this AM  

I walked outside to drink my coffee this morning and I had just sat down when our hummers started buzzing their feeder hanging from our cabin eve overhanging from the roof when one of the hummingbirds fell and was hanging by its' beak caught in a spider string web. It was helpless and my heart went to my stomach.  I am still shaking but I took my wood incense burner stick and twirled it in the spider web and then freed the tiny bird just hanging upside down from it. Those webs are so strong, I broke it and freed the bird and it flew away.  Oh, Thank Goodness I was there!  What was seconds seemed like a lifetime!
SO, watch your hummingbird feeders, I could not see this web hanging down until the hummer was attached to it, so I took my incense stick and went all around the feeder  to rid any more webs that might be close. And, I will check out any webs on our porch  later when it gets more daylight.  Fate had me go outside when I did, my good deed saved the day, clap on chest!

 Sunday - August 2, 2015 

What have I been doing?
Still gardening, this has proved to be a much bigger project than planned time for. I am finding so many new invasive plants  that I have no idea what they are and pulling them.  One great way to ID them is to ask at "Hometalk"! ( links on sidebar) I always get great replies there and lots of new ideas!  I know I do not want to keep them and maybe I will put down some sheeting this fall when the good things are the only ones left.  I do NOT want them again next year. 

All the trees we cut down earlier in the spring are coming back too. Behind my rose trellis is a wooded area I plant moss and I thought the trees were giving my roses too much shade so we got out our reciprocating saw and down many of them came only to have sprouts coming back and some have stickers which I really hate.  Then we burned them in our fire pit.  It was a big job, if it was not a Sassafras tree it came down.  I love them and we  have many in our yard and forest surrounding us.
I dug up roots the first year we were here to make tea and it was wonderful. They spread roots and as I was first making my garden, they came up when digging near them.   Heck, I am still collecting leaves from them  being the horrid squirrel I am, saving everything.

But, I am really going to De-Stash now! I have too, I just have too much Stuff! Forest Nature Collections of about anything I find, things I brought from my consignment shops  when we moved here and an attic and warehouse full of vintage items.  I need to start ironing them.   I am going to close my consignment shop here as this area is just too depressed with the economy, once the vacationers leave , no sales to speak of and I think I will do better with y on-line sites, Etsy,  Ebay,  Threadflip and a rare Bonanza listing. I have really let that shop lax as no time to promote it , I mainly sell on Etsy but items to NEW for there will be on Ebay as " frstyfrolk" my Vintage Etsy shop name where I first started.   I started selling on Ebay to pay my medical bills when I found some of my Mother-In-Law's Vintage eyeglasses and jewelry. She wore those cat's eye glasses and they got me hooked that I could sell them.  I still have lots of her jewelry and vanity trinkets.  I also have lots of them myself.   Mine are so sentimental to me I have just boxed them but no see, no think and I also do not wear jewelry here in the mountains like I did with city living. Plus I turn "65" this year and more money for Medicare will be deducted  from  my SS paycheck which was small enough to begin with. But, I will have health insurance, But,  I doubt I will use it enough to be worthwhile.  It starts this month making me take drastic measures to be able to just get by!
I hate always talking about hard times but we just never saw this coming!

So, watch for my listings, email me if you are looking for something.

Has anyone had good luck selling on Facebook?
 I uploaded some photographs there as I take so many ? 
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I ordered from the Interweave Header above, the last item in blue, Volume 6: Art Lessons with Jenny Cochran Lee and I adore it, will use for making Mixed media with found objects!

My Life has been so busy and with very generous friends!

I ordered a "Pawprint Folded Paper Art Book"  from Marilyn at her Etsy shop," ThePinkPigVintage "

Isn't it just  Awesome!

This Beautiful Altered Art Frame with typewriter keys, I just adore it!   It says, " Life is Short: Eat More Chocolate in here shop also, they arrived so fast I could hardly blink my eyes! 

I also ( be-friended or she me) Laurie at Soul Seeds Etsy Shop! She ordered some Jewelweed from me at my ByLightOfMoon Etsy Shop..
Laurie was very nice in gifting me with this soap from her new line at : Abela Body Care on Etsy, her second Etsy shop! It is " Back to the Garden Soap"  and I adore it, it smells FabUlOuS!
Thanks Laurie, It is Very  Much appreciated!

Look at these fabulous wings I found on our porch, one is missing! 

And, I used our clothesline to dry our porch and sofa blankets and pillows, they needed it with the dogs and dust from our gravel road!   You can also see  my garden work in progress below, I am finishing it ToDaY! Enough already!

Bob's Maple tree and pallet with clay/dirt dug from hole to plant hydrangea.


Our Indian blankets,( we got several of these) for Seattle from our travels there for our bamboo  ladder we had in living room to use on porch if needed.

I am always finding mushrooms in our yard, I am going to make a curiosity or shadow box collection for my "ByLightOfMoon Etsy" shop", I have bins full that I need to de-stash!

Pretty Pink Hard Shelf mushrooms, I have more already dried too!
Grey Urns growing on a log , I have more already dried also!

Photo of collection this day only

The yellow and blue mushrooms  will shrivel up when dried.

Ok, Back to work, the sun is coming up! I work up at 3:30AM again today.
Smiles, Cyndi 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

So Blessed! Fantasy Gifts from the Keepers Of Enchantment Team " Scavenger Hunt" on Etsy!

I have been very fortunate in winning items lately! I fact, I won gifts from TWO shops by choosing the correct embedded image in the scavenger hunt shop items to enter the drawings from 17 shops who played this fun game!

In the Etsy Team" Keepers of Enchantment"  ( tag KOE)   which I earlier mentioned, we had a Scavenger Hunt and my first awesome package arrived this week.  I was over the top with joy as I started opening it. It was protected beyond belief and I like to never got the outer wrapping if but with persistence and scissors, it came open to see my new goodies, A Fairy Garden package full of fun and very tiny miniature garden items"

I have no idea how Kimberly  of Etsy Shop, Kimberly's Dream Craft can make such small pixie  items but I am so grateful to have been able to select "This amazing set of Fairy House Accessories from Kimberly's Dream Craft Etsy Store "she gifted.  When I first opened this amazing package I saw pink tissue paper with a tiny darling basket inside. I laid that out and just stared at the beauty  of this cute basket, how enchanting it was, and what could it possibly old?   Well, when I did open it I found such joy packaged for me. And, it sure looked like a lot more items than the listing showed that she had offered. I am so grateful to have these new items for my Lilliputian fairy garden to make and love!

These goodies are so tiny, and I thought my teeny acorns were small,  these put them to shame.
Here are my gifts"

This little basket was so full of goodness!  

There are many fabulous magical wands I love and a leather covered Tom -Tom Congo Drum with Two sticks for it to bang,-bang and trumpet for calling the pixies together for their festival.  Also many beautiful stones the fairies and pixies have gathered for good luck and a cute flower pot with a fern and flowers for use in the pixie fairy garden. Beautiful decorations she has made and SOOO Small.... I mean tiny!    

Fairies, pixies, elves and gnomes love squiggles, I do too! Curlys' and squiggles  make such fun to play with and several protection charms for keeping the unwanted creatures away from the gathering are included.

Some pixie's like catsup and red flowers, Also a goblet and spear with a shell bowl with spoon on wood slices.   A hanger for the pixie leader to hang their master coat on and a shell candle, (I was told not to light it, it is only for a REALLY SPECIAL Occasional meeting) compass's, a crystal ball and several "stacked event towers" to embellish their home festival as their own symbols, Every fairy/pixie festival has their own emblems to mark their territory as their own and no invaders are welcome. This is a private meeting festival for only the invited home elves/pixies/fairy's/and gnomes can be in their secret place. 

Each invited guest belongs to this tribe they call " 

Kimberly has brought me such joy with her crafting, she is a master at what she does!   I thank her so very much and everyone should visit her Etsy store " KimberlysDreamCraft" to find your own beautiful accessories for your own   Fantasy Lilliputian garden's!  She also makes awesome fairy houses if you have not made your own where they return to after the festival gathering.

You can also find many fun and earth friendly, organic, recycled fairy garden needfuls   Kimberly has made for your own tiny villages and mini garden  dwelling accessories. I am so enchanted and ready to make my fantasy garden and you can too! I will return to her shop as my fairy garden grows!  Spring is turning into Summer and they gather in their  " miniature garden dwellings in her own words"!   

The Keepers of Enchantment Team on Etsy is so rich in fun findings for about any fantasy needful you love, so many hand crafted items can be found in these Team shops, Browse and have fun dreaming with your own wishes here. 

I also won a $10.oo gift certificate from  The Spelling Bee Shop  on Etsy with the Keepers of Enchantment Team Shop "   thespelllingbeeFantasy Gifts For Elves, Faeries, Witches, Wizards" 
and I still need to use my coupon for a wonderful gift to myself! And, YOU  also can use a coupon for a discount until May 31st ,  so go NOW to see what you might fall in love with.   I think I will go shopping there right now! 

I had to wait till payday to choose my gift and I am ready! Oh, I ordered some fabulous items,a mushroom plaque I adore mushrooms and a circle loom needle that I will use to weave as I have plans for an idea to make an enchanting item from my forest materials. 

Shop the Spelling Bee now with your offered coupon for many fun needful items! 

Naalbinding / Nalbinding Needle Prim Cedar Wood (3 6/8 Inches Long) Norse Weaving Needle, Norse Knitting Needle, Circle Weaving

Well I better get busy making my potting soil for the many plants and flowers I have purchased and collected for the roadsides... 

I am making potpourri and saving dried flowers, the get more I need to get my gardens started, I also have many seeds to ghet going, I am late! 

Blessings to all of you and I Thank You for taking your time to read my blog posts, please follow me and I will love to follow you back.... 

Smiles, Cyndi

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Help Animals Daily and Purple Paw Print Love, Storage ,Garden, and Everyday Life!

The Animal Rescue Site is one I go to daily to help fund food for animals! Many days they have one day sales for free gifts with just ship payment of $4.95. I love receiving these items now and then, they are always wonderful quality and serve a good purpose.

My recent orders were a paw print, tote bag which unfolds into a larger bag, car mirror hanger and pawprint dash pad,  kitchen towels of owls and pawprints, and more;   I love the paw print  items.  I have ordered many items over the  years and they are still great quality and knowing I helping animals in some way is a GOOD feeling!

I get an email daily to reminding me and that is the first thing I do when checking my email.
Easy Peasy to do! You should sign up also!
 Here is todays item, just fabulous! Oh, I also LOVE Purple! 

Your Daily Reminder from
Click Here To Go Make Your Click To Fund Food and get a FREE visor!

I also WON another items from a Shop Local  Event I attended, WOw winning two items lately is so unusual for me. I hope I am on a streak, and here is a photo of the Picnic Basket I won from Mountain Like Realty Co.

I ate and drank  my way through the event with awesome goodies offerent. I also brought home a free bag filled with literature and information that will be very helpful to me.  I met a couple of ladies in f Essential Oil Booths that used them in products they offer.Also, mineral make up used that looked fabulous. I don;t wear much make-up anymore just around the house and forest.  I had hair spray on after they took my photo for  three local newspapers for the picnic basket and I was swarmed later that day while watering my garden from knatsy bugs!  I was telling them to go away and leave me alone, my husband said to me, " Do you think they understand?"

I am late in starting my garden seeds and saved seeds from last years blooms.That is ONE thing I need to make a priority to do Today!

I have also been cutting rose blooms for my potpourri makings I am working on. I plan to offer them in  my Etsy shop as I have bins of them in craft room.

 I also discovered the zipper large plastic bags in a local shops for $1.00 for 4 so I almost bought them out. I did return for more and finally that had sold out of them.... They sure are nice to store things in and I can see what is in them easily. Even winter clothes to my warehouse and from my warehouse many materials for crafting.  I do have way to many fabrics saved from vintage cut up clothing and great material buys here and there.  I should also start sharing these in my Etsy shop as I can never use them all but I have a lot of great selections of all kinds of styles.

I found this beautiful pink/white/ and yellow moth with a broken wing on my porch so I put it in a jar with some flowers for nectar and moss for moisture but it did not make it.  I tried!

More garden plants for potpourri
'Wild Roses are absolutely everwhere

And this teacup I will re-make and put up for sale in my BLOM Etsy shop with different mss and lichen in it, it also has a saucer but right now it has a violet and a twig from a tree I found with beautiful teeny tiny flowers on it, the Mountain Laurel is also now blooming along with my Carolina Crimson Allspice but they do not dry well.
Violet already bloomed.

Tiny tree branch, wish I knew the name

Mountain Laurel ready to bloom

Carolina Crimson Allspice

Trillium, but I do not disturb it, it is all over my yard

In my garden, wish I knew name too! Beautiful Purple Blooms

And of course,  Rhododendron

Wishing you a Blessed Sunday
Smiles, Cyndi