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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring, I Wonder what I am Seeing?

I pasted this photo from the woolly bear caterpillar web-site but I have seen plenty here in our yard.

Do Woolly Bear Caterpillars Forecast Winter Weather?

According to legend, the wider that middle brown section is (i.e., the more brown segments there are), the milder the coming winter will be. Conversely, a narrow brown band is said to predict a harsh winter. But is it true?

My Photograph; spring is coming!

The last one I saw was mostly brown with short black ends so I suppose from this web-site - it will be spring before too long.

I did not know they over-winter and turn into butterflies

  • As moths go, the Isabella isn't much to look at compared with other species, but its immature larva, called the black-ended bear or the woolly bear (and, throughout the South, woolly worm) is one of the few caterpillars most people can identify.
  • This medium-size moth, with yellowish-orange and cream-colored wings spotted with black, is common from northern Mexico throughout the United States and across the southern third of Canada.

Oh, I will have to watch for these! Very pretty indeed!

I found this one on my deck and I was nice to it and put it down under the cabin deck with the new ferns sprouting. It was very dry so I even sprinkled some water around for it.

Deep Poop I believe, does anyone know, I see this in the woods a lot when wandering?

While I am asking, I wonder what turns this wood log BLUE?

And, I found the flowers all over the ground under a big tree

I wondered what they were but I went back to find a tree leaf and YES!  I could not find the tree again! 

It was a huge tree with these all  over the ground and the flowers were Very, very high towards the sky. 

When I looked I thought it was an early dogwood flower after thinking it might be a sourwood too, but I think both ideas are wrong. 

But, I did see dogwoods in bloom after our rain last week and I took a photo of it, you can see a squirrels' nest in the background.

 and , beside my front porch photo of Dogwood in bloom

I saw the pink blooming tree at a house that is for sale yesterday and I wondered what it is too! 
It looks like Pink Tulips, but not like the Tulip Trees in our yard.

Maybe it is a Pink Magnolia, I asked on Hometalk where I can always find answers to any questions I ask and many new friends confirmed it.

I saw this growing on a log beside my front porch on the shady cool side that butts up against a rock wall, it is called a "Gray Urn Mushroom". I do not yet have it listed but I will soon. IT is the first mushroom I have seen in awhile and I found ore in the woods when I was collecting a moss order. It was raining this day and I tried to clean it on my covered porch in a tiny area. 

It takes more than just collecting moss in the woods, I bring it home and try to clean it as best I can. I never
take all I find in a certain area and usually get the moss the deer have kicked up that is already loose.
I use the forest leaves to pack it in and keep separated as best I can, also the lichen and British Soldier are under the leaves along with a tiny fern.

This is a wintergreen plant ( striped green leaves) sticking out of the turkey tub, but it had too much soil attached to send it for the shipping fees since the ferns were requested.

Well, Another busy day, I got my once a month paycheck overnight and I have errands... I am also cleaning my warehouse and trying to go though my clothing I have not worn to donate. I also am sorting though so many magazines I have saved (I know, I hoard them) I will try and list some on EBay and if old enough on Etsy also.  I am also going through my book collection, I Just have to part with some, I am just over whelmed with no storage space and do not foresee any more room.  I also have bins of fabrics and fabric pieces from de-constructed clothing I  intended to re-make into hand bags and mixed media collages. I have pockets, and collars, arms with cuffs, etc. Many have embroidery and interesting appeals to me on them.

Here is an apron I re-made for an exchange many years ago. It had a hole in the area I added the pocket too.

And, Oh! and also I have a bin of real  vintage aprons upstairs to list!


Laura said...

Greetings from Dark Moon Creations!

I found you via Keepers of enchantment (Etsy).

Little Treasures said...

Hi Cindy!
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog with such sweet comments!!!
I am glad you like reading about travels and I am here to say how much I like your nature explorations! We do the same whenever we go out in nature - seeing, learning and wondering about things :)
Your photos are fab! I am off to read some more!