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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Makings!

What have I been doing lately? I suppose a little of everything. I cannot keep my thoughts and sensations on one thing, I am scattered, sometimes I feel like the fractures trees I see around me in the forest.  The winds blows them and down they come or the fragile branches and limbs break off.
Then they grow the algae I find and love to collect. I collect everything!

My needs have changed from city life and scrapbook papers and fabrics for mixed media to the real nature forest finds.I love a lit candle and gardening without gloves. Feeling Mother Nature is in my soul.

 I love having it around me, I live in the forest but I still have it close to me when I collect it.  I guess I thought it would go away when I went to find an acorn one day and that year and also this we have had very few acorns, due to a wet spring.  Bad excuse, I know!

Yesterday it was not my plan but I walked a forest road and found the nature curly glass I love and I thought why not use it in Easter Baskets? It is so much more beautiful than the store bought plastic stuff I see. Myself and the birds use it for nesting materials. The striated colors are not to be beat. Just awesome! Look closely around you at your Lilliputian world and see what you can find.

Make something out of the non-everyday, think outside the box and color outside the lines!
Here is what I did yesterday when I put my thoughts to the table setting.

I started making the Easter Baskets and then as I was adding details I thought of the nests I had been making only in miniature for pussy willow catkins or even marbles. So, yes, I made one. then two, etc.

That is the way it goes! 

My cat "Lily" is even watching me in this photo, she is one the banister! Play I spy! 

Have a wonderful week and PLAY! 

Smiles, Cyndi


papel1 said...

You have inspired me to take a walk today. It is not too late to decorate for Easter.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

your table is beautiful and you're right to use your senses to see, hear, taste, feel differently.
there's snow on the ground but temps are above 40 this morning; hopefully, snow will melt and it'll turn into a springish we head into April -wry smiles-.
God bless you, Cyndi.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I appreciate your comments, thanks for dropping by!

Smiles, Cyndi