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Monday, July 29, 2013

Etsy Cottage Style Ice Cream Socials! Let's Go!

Welcome to the" Etsy Cottage Style 5th Monday Party" on

Who Doesn't love Ice Cream?

I was riding to with my son-in-law and daughter when I saw this ahead of us in traffic. 
They snickered and thought I was crazy, but when they really watched it they say it too! And then it turned off and next thing I know it is passing us by on the bridge ahead of us! 
I had to have my camera out and ready! Aren't these just the best sorbet colors that exist?
We laughed and laughed and I am just glad I have some memories of it!

And, this is a carnival photo in more delicious ice cream colors; raspberry, lime, orange and rainbow sherberts!

I love Ice cream and have been on a fudgecycle kick for about a year now. My husband loves Rainbow Sherbert and recently has been making us chocolate Milk Shakes since he had a tooth pulled. 

I do love Homemade ice cream but have not had any for a long time. I have seen at the carnivals and festivals an old-timey gas powered ice cream maker. REally though I  love Wendy's frosty's. Chocolate for sure and a LARGE size! That an french fries are the best together.

I have used an Ice Cream Book and found some cute Ice Cream towels I am passing on to someone who can use them more than I can.  They are in My Bonanza Shop since they are not vintage. 

And, the towels 

I can;t believe it is almost August now and the leaves are starting to turn colors, pine cones and nuts are starting to fall. I am ready for the non- insect and cooler weather.  But, it was 6o degrees outside this AM. 

Have fun times going to the blog links at the Etsy 5th Monday Event,on Ice Cream Socials! 

Smiles, Cyndi


Debbi said...

sweet! Loved the dinos~was it a carnival ride?
Love homemade ice cream too, but someone else has to make, I lack the patience :(

ByLightOfMoon said...

HI Debbi,

Yes, I think it was a carnival enroute to the next destination!
It was just so funny watching it go across the bridge because then they were all heads in order but, I could not get a photo because of a train!
But, I have the memory!

Many thanks for your comment!
Smiles, Cyndi

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyndi, I think those rides were headed's our county fair and those same rides are now here. funny!