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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I saw this video on Facebook posted by my neighbor and I was in awe of what I was seeing! It is just fabulous shadow ballet dancing along with many unusual positions in the show with Simon Cowl. I don't watch his show but, the whole audience was just mesmerized by what was happening in front of their eyes!  I hope they are on again  and I am sure we will be seeing more of this dance troupe.  I hope you enjoy it as I did! 

I also just  joined on Facebook a Vintage Wallpaper Group as" frstyfrolk " ( my vintage name) and have seen some fabulous memorable wallpapers. I have a collection in a box in  my attic craft room thinking I might used parts of them in my Mixed Media crafting as I loved them or would not have purchased them. I really started getting them to decorate my "Vintage 1963 Shasta  Tiny  Travel Trailer named "Daisy" which I am sure you have heard me speak of her as I loved her so much. Sadly, I had to sell her to get money to make ends meet monthly till I got my early Social Security started coming in. Also, we really had no gas $$ to go anywhere but I really wanted to go to the North Carolina Outer Banks one day. I still do! A real sweet girl from Asheville, N.C. purchased her from EBay and she will take "Daisy" ( keeping the name ) with her, her best girlfriend and band as her band travels around the country. So, she loved here as much as I did! She went to a good home...

Anyway, the wallpaper group is very fun to look and remember the good ol' days. I love Vintage Magazines and Advertising I plan to post there as well as sell some of my own wallpapers as I can get them listed.  You should also join if you like this kind of group.

I am was thinking of doing more with my Vintage Village Ning group. They are offering a special fee of $25.00 to post and sell in Three groups which I have all of these group categories to sell and clean out my attic and storage.
Vintage Village  ~ offers many Vintage categories
Vintage Rising ~ offers not yet but fabulous items
Vintage Village ~ Retrophoria sell anything Retro

Here is the link to my page on Vintage Village, I joined as " frstyfrolk" my other selling name,( my Etsy shop) I really use it more than "ByLightOfMoon" but I love both kinds of venues.   I am still thinking of joining the selling part as I can sell on Ebay also for no joining fee. But, I wonder if the fabulous members are more interested in the Groups Vintage Village offers and there are LOTS of GROUPS there to join for free and see what others are just showing or selling also.

From my page friend me   and I will friend you back and visit all the groups offered for whatever your interest is. I also have a link to Vintage Village sites on my sidebar. 

I better get back to cleaning off the spiders on our front porch, they are all over the ceiling beams and very sticky! 

I will pass on an idea a broom maker gave to me last weekend at the " Butternut Festival" in Blairesville, GA.  He said to take the small pointed like brooms and twirl it instead of brushing them like you use a regular broom on the floor. . 

I got a fairy sculpture from this seller, he had a divine spot on Butternut Creek.Also, a couple of small dragonflies plant stakes  and a Christmas tree Bird Sculpture

WE were sure tired when we let to go back home. I am glad it was a small festival but yet noted as one of the vest in the Southeast. I do;t think they have heard of""Kentuck in Alabama. 

Till Later, 
Smiles, Cyndi

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