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Friday, July 19, 2013

Horseless Carriages, North Georgia and Western North Carolina this week and the Georgia Mountain Fair opens this weekend!

Horseless Carriages, North Georgia and Western North Carolina this week and the Ga Mountain Fair opens!

The roads this week have been rode on by The Horseless Carriage Car Club  and it has been fun being out and seeing them on our country roads. They have made many day trips this week before gathering on the square in Hiawassee, GA for an  evening of close -up looks and questions asked and answered. Our country roads are a perfect ride for them because of all the curves and hills the speed is only around 45 mph in most places, at least for our own safety.

We  saw four of them in a row last week when driving to Hiawassee to market. I had my camera out in no time and tried my best to get photos of all four of them in a row. I had to be patient and wait for the curse to show them all but I wasn't!  I snapped pictured right and left.  The rolling hills got them going pretty slow at times but we stayed behind while many passed them when we got to the four-lane road.

While we were going to the Dairy Queen we saw a couple of them parked at the Antique Mall in Hiawassee, GA. I took a few photos up close when the owner came out and told us where to see them and where they were staying. Mind you, we have a weekly newspaper and I had not yet got a copy!

~ It has 230 customer reviews~ 

The Locomobile

Chatuga Lodge ( which is the nearby lake) was the host site and they parked at the Georgia  Mountain Fairgrounds which was to start later this week. The rides opened  Thursday evening at 6:PM a nd we saw the lights  when we went to the Hiawassee Town Square to see the Antique cars up close, they said about 60 had attended the event.  Hiawassee is like a resort town with lake people renting cabins and bringing their camping gear for a beautiful stay.

One highlight for me was seeing " The Locomobile". It is the Car Clive Cussler owns and wrote about in his Mystery Novel " The Great Train Chase". My husband read that book and re-checked it out from the library for me to read also.  It is a fabulous read and you should sit down with it.
  Oh, it turns out, the car we saw at he Antique Shop was "The Locomobile"!   

Here is a Ford and I was told the interior is horsehair pulling through the leather, not everyone has to fix the back up

Produce Truck

Note: the wooden wheels

Another one:

My husband noted the horizontal suspension

If you are interested in seeing more car show photos I will add them to my Facebook Photo Album Page here.
 Here I am and below is my husband Bob

A cute puppy

Foot - Stomp'in music in the pavilion

Some Carnival rode photos, i love the mountain shadows at dusk in the background, this is a really beautiful area!

We have a wonderful time for a Thursday evening, which is normally quite quiet. As we drove the country curvy roads home, it got darker and darker as we left the city lights! A 3/4 moon shone but not much help!

We stopped for lawn mover gas and to fill the car up and saw a Ford 1925 carriage filling his tank of 9 gallons which he said will take him about 15 miles. Note, the carriage seat springs as it was up and he did have headlights! 

We had fun and I hope you have enjoyed these photographs, please leave a comment so I can see your blog also!  Our gas is $3.39 with a 10 cent discount if we use our "Ingles" card.

Smiles, Cyndi

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Bambang Pe said...

very amazing old car carnaval....I like it best.