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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ebay, Fairy Starshine Dust, Camilla Flowers, Moss gardens and Books!

I also have some listing in eBay which seems to be selling better for me right now! I used to have an eBay store but I closed it a long time ago. eBay and Etsy are by best selling sites but I also have newer listing on Bonanza under frstyfrolk too.

I make some candles with no wicks yesterday just to see how they would turn out. They are very slender is why no wicks but I will keep at it and see what happens. I used or I should say re-used some Christmas candles I had them both outside and the cold weather was dropping the silver and gold glitter off the edges of them so I collected the glitter and ground it up real fine, then I put it in the molds first and added some candle was from the same candles. I adore the Kewpie molds I found and I had the angel molds from a while back.  The Kewpie's have a front and back side so I guess I should now mold them together.
I used my Tim Holtz melting pan that I had only used once with some beeswax to cover some Sassafras leaves last year.

Our yard is covered in Sassafras trees and I love their leaves which are three different lobes.  I put a few in picture frames with the Sassafras meaning behind the leaves but the ones I framed were not the best leaves I found. I later found fabulous ones and will re-do them also.

I even named our cabin, " Sassafras Cabin" because of the many trees on this property. Maybe I should get some shirts made up saying that! I have read in Log Home Magazines that you should always names your cabin and then make advertising shirts with the name. But, we do not rent our cabins so it would just be for us. There are many rental cabins our area, even in our neighborhood. So many people come here for vacation time, I can;t believe I now live where we used to drive 6 plus hours to come to pet- sit and we fell in love with the area.

Here are the candles I made but they really are just adornments, maybe in something using mixed media that I love. I have in mind to make some curiosity boxes with m forest findings I have so many to share of my collections.

The small "Kewpie s" do not have a back on them and I really prefer them. 

I also saw a fabulous Camilla Bush on the way to the recycle place Friday and I had my husband stop to let me ask the home owner if I could take a picture of it. Well, they would not answer the door so I took them any, and then of course I picked up the fallen flowers from the ground. They are SO Beautiful, one of the prettiest flowers around. 

SO pretty! 

Pretty good for on the ground!

I also started making some fairy dust starshine filled bottles for a jewelry project. 

Isn't is cute to the owl face in the nut shell. The squirrels do that! 

The tiny circle tops are mushrooms I find, green circles and fairy wings, plus Sourwood tree dried flowers (Like lily bells)  I find everywhere.  So many fairies dance in my moss gardens! 

My Moss garden jars and container are doing very well just sitting on the front porch, even in the cold weather. We had a dusting of snow again last night but just that.  These were covered by the porch ceiling, the pine cone is nibbled on my the squirrels also and they look like a rosette I think.
Well, enough for m=now, I have a staircase of books to clean off. I am starting to list my, books, magazines, and patterns as fast as I can also.  I have been collecting crafting books and magazines forever it seems , well, since 2003 when I started replacing all the ones I lost in our household auction. That isone of the things I found I missed the most, so I started scouring Charity and Thrift shops along with  Auction and Estate sales for them. I have loads of Vintage ones to get my findings from and then I will have to start sharing since I am loaded down and need more room very bad. 

Smiles, Cyndi
I so so much appreciate all your comments! 


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyndi, do you sell vintage books, mags, etc.? I've got a bundle and didn't know what to do with them.
And, on another topic that has just about nothing to do with this post other than it reminded me...did you know Lowe's has a packet of fairy dust to mix in with their paint to make a room sparkle? I've got an idea for my half bath...

ByLightOfMoon said...

Yes, I have loads of boxes( more than bundles) of Vintage magazines and books that I have collected from over the years! I had several filing cabinets in our garage I kept them in before we moved and now they are in many boxes, stacked! Time to clean them out!

My Mother sends me novels to read but I also love creative crafting ideas from anywhere! She likes cookbooks which I do see listed a lot and I suppose they sell but I am more into decorating books.

I did not know of the Lowe's paint, but I will check it out. The fairy dust I have is really from our yard and the stones just crumble especially in the cold weather. All colors even. What I love is they just sparkle in the sunshine. Maybe I should call then fairy sunshine now that I think of it!

Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate the idea, I hate to paint in this house, but I was thinking of the small tiles being sold that could go above the kitchen sink and below the window. They are already on netting and I wonder if the fairy dust could be used in the grout! Or, maybe you talked me into painting that area somehow without painted the whole kitchen as it is all a great room with the living area included. A lot to paint. It should have been painted before we moved in but we are just renting and I have the walls pretty covered up with my bookcases and photographs.

It is on my Lowe's list now, THANKS! They also take our batteries to be recycled so I keep a bag of them handy when I go there. Just take them to the return/customer service desk.

Have a fabulous week, another one is about to begin!
Blessings, Cyndi

Denise said...

I'm now your newest follower.Thank you for your sweet comment concerning My post and blog.It looks like you enjoy the same type of fun and crafts as I do.The owl out of the nut you made,I did the same thing,except I made him into an alien in honor of My hubby who likes to watch those alien shows on TV. Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

nancy huggins said...

You are so full of so many ideas and plans Cyndi..sounds like you are very happy with where you are and enjoying all your surroundings. Have a great week and keep us updated on all your doings :)