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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flea market find, what is it?

Remember when I posted about a flea market I went to sell at and bought more than I sold? I saw this fabulous OWL and I adore anything OWL so I bought it and later I saw it in a re-cycled catalog I found at the recycle bin at the site we go to; it was in the newspaper bin where some folks put old mags and catalogs too so I retrieved it to browse though as I love these. I return them to be recycled after I am done with them also. But, this one, had the OWL I had purchased in it, what was it?

I garden ornament to scare away birds from your garden and it goes on a stake. Who'a thought?

Now, I will NOT put it in my garden as I love the birds and they don;t bother anything! Or, they are welcome to my seeds as we feed them.

The magazine was a Gardener's Eden Fall 1984!

I just love finding old magazines and catalogs, last week I found a 2012 Quilting Calender and already a page of two kittens  on my wall upstairs.

As I was coming down the staircase I took a photos also of the quilt I made and had no place to hang it so I just hung it on the staircase. It is the only quilting I have done and my Mother did the binding for me.

Well, I took more too of the staircase photos, I love silhouettes, ~

My grandfather and My Mother at 5 years of age,

And, my bicycle collection, I believe I will sell it soon.

Down the staircase,

I found this Black Cross stitch at the Thrift Shop and put in in a Black frame I painted.

Thanks for dropping by, 
Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

I have some bicycles like that and am looking for a few more. I would be interested in buying 1 but not until after we get moved this summer. I will keep in touch with you about it...
My Son tried the Owl outside to keep squirrels away and didn't work and didn't scare the birds either :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Some folks put owl statues where they don't want birds to land and make a's that for saying it nicely? -LOL-

Dani said...

They are used here as we get dirty old pigeons. Not on our house but in different areas in the towns up north of us. Pigeons carry disease. Neat owl, they look almost real. We have alot of real owls here. I think that is what got our duck we had.