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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Help Animals Daily and Purple Paw Print Love, Storage ,Garden, and Everyday Life!

The Animal Rescue Site is one I go to daily to help fund food for animals! Many days they have one day sales for free gifts with just ship payment of $4.95. I love receiving these items now and then, they are always wonderful quality and serve a good purpose.

My recent orders were a paw print, tote bag which unfolds into a larger bag, car mirror hanger and pawprint dash pad,  kitchen towels of owls and pawprints, and more;   I love the paw print  items.  I have ordered many items over the  years and they are still great quality and knowing I helping animals in some way is a GOOD feeling!

I get an email daily to reminding me and that is the first thing I do when checking my email.
Easy Peasy to do! You should sign up also!
 Here is todays item, just fabulous! Oh, I also LOVE Purple! 

Your Daily Reminder from
Click Here To Go Make Your Click To Fund Food and get a FREE visor!

I also WON another items from a Shop Local  Event I attended, WOw winning two items lately is so unusual for me. I hope I am on a streak, and here is a photo of the Picnic Basket I won from Mountain Like Realty Co.

I ate and drank  my way through the event with awesome goodies offerent. I also brought home a free bag filled with literature and information that will be very helpful to me.  I met a couple of ladies in f Essential Oil Booths that used them in products they offer.Also, mineral make up used that looked fabulous. I don;t wear much make-up anymore just around the house and forest.  I had hair spray on after they took my photo for  three local newspapers for the picnic basket and I was swarmed later that day while watering my garden from knatsy bugs!  I was telling them to go away and leave me alone, my husband said to me, " Do you think they understand?"

I am late in starting my garden seeds and saved seeds from last years blooms.That is ONE thing I need to make a priority to do Today!

I have also been cutting rose blooms for my potpourri makings I am working on. I plan to offer them in  my Etsy shop as I have bins of them in craft room.

 I also discovered the zipper large plastic bags in a local shops for $1.00 for 4 so I almost bought them out. I did return for more and finally that had sold out of them.... They sure are nice to store things in and I can see what is in them easily. Even winter clothes to my warehouse and from my warehouse many materials for crafting.  I do have way to many fabrics saved from vintage cut up clothing and great material buys here and there.  I should also start sharing these in my Etsy shop as I can never use them all but I have a lot of great selections of all kinds of styles.

I found this beautiful pink/white/ and yellow moth with a broken wing on my porch so I put it in a jar with some flowers for nectar and moss for moisture but it did not make it.  I tried!

More garden plants for potpourri
'Wild Roses are absolutely everwhere

And this teacup I will re-make and put up for sale in my BLOM Etsy shop with different mss and lichen in it, it also has a saucer but right now it has a violet and a twig from a tree I found with beautiful teeny tiny flowers on it, the Mountain Laurel is also now blooming along with my Carolina Crimson Allspice but they do not dry well.
Violet already bloomed.

Tiny tree branch, wish I knew the name

Mountain Laurel ready to bloom

Carolina Crimson Allspice

Trillium, but I do not disturb it, it is all over my yard

In my garden, wish I knew name too! Beautiful Purple Blooms

And of course,  Rhododendron

Wishing you a Blessed Sunday
Smiles, Cyndi

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