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Monday, March 2, 2015

Old Beam Flashlight turned into Potting Soil Shovel Diggers ~ Re-Cycle Up-cycle Re-Use Books and Magazines

Old Beam Flashlight turned into Potting Soil Shovel Diggers ~ Re-Cycle Up-cycle Re-Use

I was over-joyed yesterday when my husband gave me a second old broken flash beam light! I just took off the screws and had two pieces that I use for digging out of the very large bag the products I use to make potting soil.
I make my own soil since we have a lot of clay here by using sphagnum peat moss , sand, and Good Ol' Mother Earth, topsoil, sometimes potting soil.  I add bone meal to this and this re-cycled Up-cycled Shovel Digger helps me to collect my sphagnum peat soil and from the large bag it comes in. Same thing with vermiculite if I use it and I collect sand for mixing as filler. It makes my potting soil much less compact for my gardening.  
Just an idea I saw in this Old Flashlight Beam ready for the trash!

BTW, the background for these photos are SNOW! 

We had 4-6 inches of snow last week on top of the 4 inches we already had on the ground, crunch , crunch and now mush, mush:

Our cabin

Emma and Bailey our Golden Retrievers, running as hard as they can and playing, Emma just celebrated here 7th Birthday and Bailey is 5 years old

All tired out and resting for a moment


Our neighborhood creek

The Indian Marker Tree
Dog Paw Print

 Emma went for a swim in the pond

Back at the cabin

My Succulent planter on the bridge to the porch

And after I took the snow off, it is as perky and green as ever! The British Soldier are thriving and looking good. 

This one across from the other I put leaves on top of the Succulents here and have not completely got them out yet, I pull on the leaf until it comes loose by itself.

OK, I got more leaves off here. 

I treated myself to these items on a Valentine Day sale
I adore the owl card and just could not resist, The jello mold might be useful in crafting, and the Love to the Moon and Back is just me! I love it! 

I have also been cleaning out my warehouse to make more room and going through my crafting room in the attic to actually make room for crafting and moving out some STUFF or JUNK as my family calls it. I have boxes and bookcases full of Books and Magazines I have saved over the years and it is time to let them go to someone else, But, I love looking through them (like I have time) but, they make me smile and refresh my mind which I call " Mental Floss" 

When I laid them out, I was enchanted by them, can I let  them go? 
I will be listing in my "frstyfrolk Etsy Vintage store and Ebay listings"  ,the newer ones not yet vintage unless they can be supplies for crafting, great scrapbook pictures and my hand cut punches in many designs. 
Now, the Gnome nook I just got and it was handy, I will not be selling it anytime soon.  That is my thing, fairies, hobbits, gnomes, elves, sprites, and living in the forest I encounter little presents they leave for me to find with my forest finds and trinkets.  I look for moss and forest finds right out my front door and you can see in the  neighborhood from the winter pictures. 

They give me wonderful ideas to embellish my crafting projects when I need to get busy doing instead of always trying to focus on moving things around that is hard to me to let go! 
I have to let go in 2015! 

Keep watching for new listings in both of my Etsy shops and Ebay frstyfrolk for my listings as I can take photographs and please if there is ANY kind of theme you wish to have magazines to use, please message me and I am sure I probably have a stash unlisted that we can work on together.
 Here are some examples I can think of; many are in my warehouse
 Wood Work and Handyman 
Home Decor( My Love)
Country Living
Architecture Digest
House Beautiful
Traditional Home 
Martha Stewart Living
Old House Living
Log Home Living
Mother Earth
Coastal Living
Travel of all kinds
Travel and Leisure
National Geographic Traveler
Condé Nast Traveler
Tour Books
National Geographic
Lots of Maps
Vanity Fair
Saturday Evening Post
Western Horseman
Southern Living
Crafting Books and Magazines
Cross-stitch Patterns

Blessings, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

you're brilliant...using that torn apart light as a shovel! as to winter...TIRED, so very TIRED of winter...begone...NOW!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Sandra! Hope it is almost gone also, I am tired of the mush it left!

Blessings to you! Cyndi