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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Etsy Shops~ New Ideas ~ Projects started!

As you know I have Two Etsy shops:

~ * I have two Etsy Shops and Shipping is always combined between shops
Etsy shops

Nature Supplies and Handmade ~ 
Vintage ~

I have added the " Nature" to my ByLightOfMoon" shop and I am removing the crafting supplies like ribbons and fabrics to my " frstyfrolk" shop.

I want to build on 'frstyfrolk" and when I think of Vintage, I have so many " Vintage supplies"  I think they need to be here. When I first started I was only putting items in perfect Vintage condition in my shop and since we have moved to the forest, My ByLightOfMoon" shop has evolved into a Woodland, Rustic, Rusty Crusty, and Curiosities Retreat I believe.My Fairytale Mystic Spirit the Forest we live it has shown to me. I love living it!

My "frstyfrolk" is more a Traditional Shop for everything Vintage now! Even Crafting Supplies, that can be up-cycled, reused and  re-cycled.  Before my shop had to be perfect Vintage items and not so good or broken was not in this shop!  I like Mixed Media Crafting and I have many supplies for this with many I  can never use all of because I have collected so much in the past.

I have lost and lots of Notions to list, Books, Linens and Fabrics, Magazines, all of the things I collect!

Following Day continued:

It has been a strange and busy week, I found my logs have sprouted ' Shitake Mushrooms"  I implanted 2 years ago.Pretty Exciting but I have never eaten one, Oh, what to Do? 

Also , our dog "Bailey" got his foot caught in a trap ( coyote, wolf, whatever) He was gone a long time and we looked and looked for him. I drove around the neighborhood looking and calling for him.  In the meantime, my husband heard a dog barking  in the distance from our back porch and headed that direction to find the bark. Through brambles and a deer path he went!  It did not sound like our dog! But, he was found only a few hundred yards off our back yard but in a forest area not in our neighborhood, so my husband called for help and my neighbor beat me there to find them. He is OK now, just sore and we went back to cut the trap and it had been removed! 

Carolina Panthers are on to more final games, hoping for Super Bowl! 
We don't get NC television so we rarely see them play! That "Cam Newton" is something else! 

I have been featured on the" Etsy Team Vintage Vertigo Blog" featurette with my Craftcult Etsy shop, ' frstyfrolk"!

See my sidebar for both of my shops. "CraftCult " Shop Listings too.

While I was out looking for our dog, I also saw these pods on a tree and I was going to collect some sand for my gardening. 
Does anyone know what they are from?

While out also anyway, I was going to collect some sand for my gardening.. I can get it from a ditch nearby when it washes in the rain and we had plenty of that last week.  Look what I found? It looks like  Rainbow Sherbert! 
At first I dug in an area around the corner and it  was plain ol' grey sand, when back for more, just a few feet away, this!

Well, My cell phone did not take that good of a Picture but, it was just magical!   The first layer was gray dirt to find the second layer just an inch or so deeper. There were pinks, blues, yellows, and grey covered it and along the edges. 

I am started to re-do my pathway to the house like I need more to do with more level stones as it is a rock driveway and clumsy to walk on.  I collected some beautiful blue stones from a quarry nearby, they are just awesome.

What got me started was thinking of the stepping stones  I intend to make when I saw these at "Lowes Home Store"

This will be a later project as I have lots of broken china and pieces of interest ( to me) to embed in the stepping stones. 
The Octangle Stone made in the photo above was one my husband made with our Past  Dog's Names on it. 

Well, another messy project I started for no reason when I have so much else to do! 
Later, Cyndi

1 comment:

Danielle Vargason said...

wow, Cyndi, so glad your dog escaped the trap...hope there aren't any more lurking in the underbrush!