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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tour of Store Windows, Inside Decor, and Nativity Scene! by Getty Images The Best of 2014 as seen on Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaway Save 25% off Sitewide Use Code: ELLEN25 (expires 3/31/15)

We went through some beautiful new country roads to find a shop " Alexander's which we have heard so much about. We were looking for some Christmas Gifts and Oh My, three floors of goodness!

I was enchanted my their outdoor Nativity in front of their store and the shop windows were awesome.

I also adore Wind Vanes  and this is on top as you can see in previous picture.  The figures,  to see, I had to lean over the railing practically, but worth it!

The also

had the telephone booth outside , it is all decorated with old- time findings!

The store windows were all decked out and I started taking photographs before I even went into the store. They did say it was OK when I asked inside, so I will share.  It was hard to not get reflections behind me, so you can see the jest!

The cardinal lamp shades looked decoupaged.

Gotta love this dog with scarf!

Love this reclaimed look, and beautiful clock! Huge though!
Hi Horse in the window background!

Some serious Bling here!

Door Greeter and some serious Candy Display!

Displays above merchandise

And, some serious signs!

I adored this Riverboat!

I wish I had made this bird!

I loved this shirt but I have way to many as it is and it would be easy to make this twig lamp, Maybe?

Love the shade also! And, another share like $300.00

Lovely Kitchen decor!

These gliders were so comfortable but I would have to be able to lay on my side on our sofa and we do';t have enough room for a chair, but so nice! My DH is enjoying!

Reclaimed wood look again! 

Lovely Mannequin and Head Scarf, not for me though!

we left after this, never got to all the floors, we were all tired out!

I visited here, Ladies! of course before I went in, these are in the parking lot!

I hope you enjoyed our shop visit, I wish I had taken more countryside photo, maybe next time! 

Smiles, Cyndi

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh WOW! that looks like a fabulous store, Cyndi...I wanna goooooo.....