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Monday, December 15, 2014

Gardening, Terrariums, Nature Findings, Christmas Holiday Ideas and Nature's Wonders!!

I am always playing around with my moss and made this wicker terrarium, it drains from the bottom so I put it on a plate to water it.

I found this  crazy tree knot, it looks like a bird with hippie hair, do you think?

These paw prints were in the frost on our back deck, we DO have TWO Golden Retrievers.

I also started collecting more ferns that I find in the forest, these are North Carolina Nantahala Forest Fresh Collected and I plant them in my moss gardens, I find so many I thought I might try selling them on Etsy as others might like to do the same thing. I also use them in my mini terrariums fairy gardens and they are sent in a sandwich bag full of Good Ol' Mother Earth they grow in. I potted them just for the photo shoot and now they are in my gardens.  It has been to freezing here in fact 21 outside right now, Brrrr, and I have a moss order to collect today. 
They do OK as far as I am seeing now.

I also have  many hydrangeas in all colors I collected last summer and the brown lacy ones, I painted white to add to a wreath and can also be used as a bowl filler.  They could be painted any color and stuck in the Christmas tree for an all white theme. But, I have them in a blue mason jar right now. 

This sits so pretty on my porch I don't know if I will get anything made but it is beautiful to look at.

My Mother made me the quilt hanging behind it.  She made me several Christmas Quilt wall hangings over the years and I have no wall space, maybe I should hang from the ceilings! ( LOL) 

I am using different ones for my backdrops right now. 
One morning when I got up and was turning my attention to cleaning up the porch which I am still going with my garden pots, I turned one over, it was the kind that held 6 pots ( black plastic) and these are what I saw. Don't they look like "Ice Crosses" even with the leaves. Nature can be so beautiful! 

While I had the paint out for the hydrangeas, I thought of also painting some tree fallen  pods for bowl fillers or wreath making. 
 I am just always
 collecting and get more than I need! 
I painted them red, gold, white, and left natural. I wore red paint on my arm for a few days, LOL and also saw specks on my glasses in my new 10X mirror. (brow plucking)

I think I will Glitter them also!

I saw this Fairy Garden Link on Facebook and it has a lot of neat ideas for making one with nature found objects!
You might want to read it! I just wanted to share it with you as I LOVE fairy gardens and much of Etsy my moss sales at"ByLightOfMoon" are for just that! 

This article is very informative for accessories!


Thanks to the Graphics Fairy for this  Clip Art free Download!

These are images I love in a  book  I have!

Happy Holidays!
Blessings, Cyndi

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

The fallen pods are gorgeous painted and I agree....A bird with hippie hair lol!