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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Photographs added to Etsy and Facebook, and finding Pussy Willow Branches!

I have been working on my photography and getting some more photos listed, they are starting to sell for which I am very happy to share them, I find such beauty in common things around me.

I also have been finding some more pussy willow branches in bloom this year.  The first collection was the same as what I collected last year. I got it  and sprayed preservative on it as I did last year it has lasted so well, I still have some that is perfect but I sold all I wanted to sell last year so I went back for some more later after the first collection and WOW, how they had changed. The blooms are larger and the blooms are not just white buds  which are still available but also a yellow - orange curled bud with small hairs on them, They are the largest I have ever seen and some are on the tree tops and so beautiful.

I found a tree that had been cut down so they were easy to collect and I got some branches to plant and also to share with my neighbor. He brought me some forsythia yesterday to plants, he has trained his plants in two heart shapes and they were beautiful last year!

Here are some pictures:

And, photos of the first collections:

I have them for sale in my ByLightOfMoon Etsy shop in small and large bunches according to the length of the stems. Some are short for a small flat rate box and other are long branches for a bouquet.

You could make a wedding boutonniere or bouquet arrangement with a pin or add your fresh cut pussy willow in a vase for a fresh rustic natural nature theme wedding, tea party, soiree, or pretty table setting.

 Make hair accessories for Easter or curiosity boxes of nature items.
They would look nice with a fern stem on your table decor or use the branches in your country decor. Put them in with potpourri mix for a beautiful encore to the bowl.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate a comment if possible.
Smiles, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyndi, would love to see a photo of the heart shaped trained forsythia. Mine is beginning to bud as are the fruit trees. Counting down to Spring!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

p.s. meant to the lichens, they are beautiful!