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Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Mornings!

When I go outside in the mornings now the spider webs are more visible, I ask my husband why? Their last hurrah he said!
They are so much more around me or I am more aware of them and they are truly a work of art!
They look like tiny sailboats on the bushes and I noticed my porch birdhouse was full from the nearby mason jars filled with tiny ferns from the forest!  Why I feel like a need to go get my camera and share it? I don't know!

The sound I related this morning to the sparkling noise I think I was hearing from the morning dew or fog surrounding me sounded like the old fourth of July sparklers which by the way this year when I got some in July, they made no sound! Not like when I was a child and they made noise like I heard from the dew this AM, they were metal when I grew up and this year they were paper I suppose. Maybe that is why they were silent, but nature still is aware as it was like a star sprinkling morning with the noise of dew falling or evaporating around me. The car and the leaves on the trees were wet or damp.

 On my Hydranga above and porch below

I picked by the roadside these asters that are growing on the roadsides everywhere near us.

These came up from last year and I asked on Hometalk what they were?
~ Ageratum !  I was told, I have found this site to be so informative for me identifying plants and ideas for just about anything! 

Here is a link to my main page!
Or, I have added the side link to my page also. 

I think I am taking bringing the forest close to me a little  too far! 
These terrariums I made I believe I will put the plants back into the forest. I enjoyed them over the summer and I intended to sell them but I never made it to the Saturday mornings markets! 

I have enough to bring inside for the winter. 
Lily was on the porch with me watching the hummingbirds! They were buzzing around over her head really  trying to get the bee to leave!

Have a fabulous day! 
Smiles, Cyndi


Lady Linda said...

You captured some beautiful shots for your blogger friends. Just so enjoyable. Fall is here!
Have a great weekend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

loved coming here and seeing autumn at your home. lots of spider webs here but the hummers have moved on. feeders taken down and throwing them away, they've been used for a few years and it's time to buy new in the spring.