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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Church Country Faire and Beautiful Roadsides!

I went to our neighbor's Church Country Faire over the weekend and found some lovely vintage books and 
a German Floral Calender! My husband had helped him take a few things during the week before and he saw a leather jacket he adored and spoke of repeatedly. You could no purchase anything until the sale started on Friday.

Well, come Friday I had absolutely no $$$ to go there but I did have some Etsy sales, ( thank goodness) on Saturday so I went by to see if they had it. Of course it had been purchased already but I did find these books and I got a grocery bag full of clothes for me for $1.00. My kind of sale. Church faires always had wonderful things donated and they were closing up Saturday and 2PM and would donate the rest of anything left to a charity organization.

Then yesterday our friend stopped by our house with a gift for my husband, guess what?, the leather jacket!
Here are my finds!

 The Jane Eyre book has no date in it but I is very old and the cover is worn but the inside is fabulous. I like the bright white paper and it feels so wonderful. I love to get read books rather than new, they fold open so much easier. I think I will read it and then put it in my "frstyfrolk" Etsy Vintage Shoppe.  Maybe the calendar also as  I have no room for it but the floral monthly graphics are fabulous for a mixed media project or framing!
I love reading Ernest Hemingway too and I have many of his books already but not some of these stories. I am fascinated by his life. His movies are fabulous also and his Paris Stories by his ex-wife I got at the library to read!  Just good reading. He was friends and partied with the Fitzgerald's
 of  "The Great Gatsby" and many artists. I can envision their life like hat Book and I can't wait to see the movie that was made this year!

With Halloween around the corner, the Edgar Allan Poe book will be a good read too. I have been going though my Halloween decor and put a collage box together for my Etsy "ByLightOfMoon" shop".

I have even been finding around the forest and abandoned sites my natural curiosities for Halloween Decor, grim and gruesome but, That's Nature sometimes! I love taking photos of old barns and buildings usually find huge wasp nests, I also got some from a tree hole in our forest last winter.

If fact, I found a couple this morning when I took some photos of an abandoned vine covered building and railroad tracks. Our countryside is just beautiful with all the fall blooming plants! I took many photos last Sunday on the way to and from our warehouse of the roadside flowers and plants, trees, and barns.
 I am  drying some goldenrod and hydrangea's and looking for more bittersweet like the wreaths, brooms,and baskets  made last year! The "Purple Iron weed"  is fabulous too. I just learned what it is and of course, "Joe Pye" Weed is awesome.

Joe Pye

Crab Apples fallen to the ground
Milkweed Thistle Bloom

Sumac Berries

More Joe Pye

No Idea
Purple Iron weed

I am sharing in the Etsy Cottage Vintage Blog this week, check out the other wonderful Vintage Finds!

Smiles, Cyndi

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