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Friday, August 16, 2013

Reading Books and Magazines

I was reading a blog spot from Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm  and it got me thinking about my books and reading, plus all the projects I think I should be doing!

I read in the Chattanooga Sunday newspaper where books will be obsolete in the future and children in schools will be using I Pads for their textbooks.   As it is they cannot afford to buy new books and ask for donations for them. I love books and I cannot imagine a home with bookcases. I love shopping the Thrift Shops for books as I never know what will be found and I look and read at books and magazines I would not have sought out on the internet! I love finding books about traveling and biography's, peoples experiences, crafting, vintage patterns are as good as new except new tools are always coming out to make it easier to make things!

I love to look through magazines while sitting on my front porch and being outside. We have had so much rain lately it has been just a let the gardening go week.  I got a surprise yesterday when I went to get a tool from my gardening box of popsicle sticks, markers, etc. I saw this color in my box and I wonder what that might be? On a closer look it was this:

Our porch frog that I see a lot, he has a couple of  toad houses and I see him frequently but he stayed there all day and was gone this morning when I checked. Thanks goodness, I didn't want him living there as I move the box around.

Sandra spoke of some books and magazines and I replied this:

.  I got several library How - To Books I have been looking at;  folk art projects, Pioneer Women and how they got by, Felting, Beading, and Papermaking!


Now, to put them to good use. I got an issue of Our State magazine which is about North Carolina, a wonderful looking article on Screen Doors, Tobacco Barns, Cheerwine Drinks, and Grits but I don't like Grits and never have,

Our State Magazine:

I did make a fairy necklace that I don;t now like how it turned out so I will change it up some. I went to a local beading shop and got some jewelry findings, silver rings is what I ended and I ended up with some seed beads, needles and she was able to help me to get the correct sizes for what I was purchasing.
 So, I got a book on seed beading and we sill see where it takes me. I don't like to follow a pattern but it gives me ideas.
I got these beads at "The Beaded Bunny Hill" and Vivian, the owner was very helpful to me. She also teaches classes a"t William Holland School of the Lapidary Arts " which is located in Young Harris, GA. Anyone can come here to take classes and stay on campus. They usually last a week.

I like to make things and make it up as I got not knowing how the finished product will look , maybe just an idea to start with.
My fairy Forest Necklace I am working on:

 Add Finally I want to show you the Moonflower that bloomed on my Birthday Wednesday!

It was as big as a Plate! 

So, go read a book or Magazine and Get Inspired! 
Smiles, Cyndi


Dragonfly Treasure said...

I agree! Love looking through old books at garage sales and thrifts. I can't imagine my home without some of these old treasures.
That Moonflower is huge! Happy Birthday!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyn, I hate the thoughts that books will someday be hoo! In the meantime, I'm doing my best to give a lot of them a good home. Recently, during a quick trip to WalMart, I met Sara who had a young girl sitting in the grocery cart. The child was looking at a tablet or something similar and when instructed by the adult to say hello, the child totally ignored the first two instructions and then waved her hand in my direction w/out every looking at me.
Don't get me started...LOL.