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Friday, August 23, 2013

Collecting Spider Webs, Nature, Mushrooms, On My Early Morning Walk!

I have a nature collecting book I go at a Second Hand shop and I love the ideas in it.  It tells how to collect spider webs, who'da thought?

Here is how I tried it and not perfect but a start:
If there is a spider it the web, touch i with s blade of grass for it to  leave.
Hold White Spray paint about a foot away and lightly spray the web.
With Black Matte heavy card stock, gently get under the web and lift it onto the paper, Straight Up!
Let the paper dry for two days before touching it.

Oh la la! Well, I just got pieces at it stayed attached to the sides
I could got get the complete orb but I got strings of it.
That is satisfactory for  me. And, I will keep trying now and then.
They will be good backgrounds for my nature findings.
Try it yourself and see how they turn out!

Here is a web before I sprayed it and after spray before I collected the web

I added it to the long black piece that was not completely covered.
It was really pretty large to get under one piece of paper anyway as I cannot get directly underneath it.
I was going in from the side to collect what I could and it distorted the web but I still ran my paper under it and pulled straight up by the way, yes, Pull straight up!

I have been working on cleaning off my porch to hang our under the porch hammock, we have one in the yard but it has rained so often here it just stays wet.

My husband got in it to read and of course Emma and Bailey wanted to be close to him. I sit in the chair a lot in the mornings to look at our wall of nature growing and stones. I took the stone photo in the rain, they just shine when wet is why I love them so.

Do you see the heart stones in the second photo?

You can see from the inside porch photos, the wall is clay and very shady, so I can't get much to grow there, I just finally let nature take over, there are many blooming ( weeds) growing there. But, I do native gardening so they are OK for me.

I am still finding the chocolate covered mushroom rosettes ( Deceptive Craterellus) growing across the street in the forest.
They are so pretty to me.

We also have many Amanita Mushrooms growing in our yard,

 A Panther Amanita tan color

As I walked up the hill to my neighbors house, I really freaked out when I saw these, they are the size of saucers and plates ( yes!)  I should have had a ruler with me, and they cover maybe 5 feet of ground space or more. I did not get them all in the shoot.

I think I will be returning here for more. pictures! And more morning photos an inch size mushroom under the spider web
Leaves are turning colors

Teeny Tiny mushroom growing on the beautiful moss

These are pod sprouts on a nearby forest tree

Thanks for going with me on my morning walk today!


Danielle Vargason said...

so enjoyed your walk, I can't imagine all the lovely things you everything is dry and brown. and HoT! but this fall and winter will be different. Hopefully we'll get rain and then its amazing how nature responds,

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I am loving that hammock and the porch...never knew you could capture spider webs...way cool.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Never knew that a spider web could be saved! How clever! Love your colorful mushrooms! Enjoyed visiting here!