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Monday, July 8, 2013

My flea market wanderings and outdoor markets!

My flea market wanderings!

This first photo looks crazy but it is feathers drying. As I was driving I saw a sign for chickens and  turkeys for sale so I turned around and went back! If they are selling these birds, they must have feathers! Of course they had feathers! 
They were very happy to share a few with me scattered around their yard and I got the grand tour! I Learned alot about chicken that day and even came home with a free gift to me of a dozen fresh eggs! How kool is that?

This vintage car was parked at Clay's Corner in Brasstown, NC. I pass this little country store a lot when I go to Murphy, NC. Clay own it and I loved seeing it. He drives it to his store a lot and their are many car shows up hee in the mountains every weekend somewhere!  He even had a round of Brass Bullets hanging from the front bumper. I was told there is an exact replica of another car that looks like the "Beverly Hillbillies" car even with the teapot front decoration as the hood ornament. I will have to look out for it sometime at a car show. We have not attended one yet, but, one day we will!

Clay also has the New Years Eve Annual Possum Drop that Peta always is trying to get cancelled.It is know world wide and folks come from everywhere. 

And this tractor was parked outside across the street so I went back inside and ask the folks, OK, who is driving the tractor? This young gentlemen in a straw hat answered and he explained to me how they collect the hay and it makes the green hay go to the top to dry before they roll or bale it. Most hay here is rolled in big huge circles. 
Never know what will be found on an outing to the grocery store. So, I always take my camera! 

My blog today is about my latest findings at flea markets! I have gone twice to sell some of my things and of course I end up buying great finds! I found this red bordered  fan cutter quilt at " Tuesday Morning " last week. It hung behind me while I sold some of my skirts and flags. My biggest seller was a 'Life is Good" tiny bag for carrying small pins or change with you in your purse or bag.  They sold like hot cakes for $2.00 each.  I had found a gift shop closing several years ago and bought all they had of these cute bags.  I had given several as gifts and had these left over so, I needed to sell them.

Here is my table, I needed the overhead rails to hang my skirts and I used the back rail to hang my flags, they sold for $5.00 and skirts $1.00. I also had a couple of very nice jackets no one even looked at so I will either list them or deconstruct them, nice Buttons and Linen fabric!

View next to me

 These two dogs below were so cute and one had a back leg harness like a wheel chair for his back legs!

Overall view

Cutter Red Fan Quilt

Odds and ends _ I had the bamboo and the pots were just what I needed. 

Sewing Notions I always look out for

 I also sold many books that I could let go of since most were children's books and I got them at a garage sale a few weeks ago!  I also got a whole box of Nancy Dew and Hardy Boys books at another garage sale, the whole box for $10.00 plus a few other nice children's books. Now, I am not beyond reading a child's book. They had fabulous images, graphic's and nice stories! I did not have these with me to sell. 

Box of Children's Books and just some odds and ends I got at the garage sale.

Vintage threads  I have so many of, this is just a few, I needed the basket for an egg display...

 On Friday's I have gone to the Blaireville, GA flea market and this super neat pedal car was there for $100. Neat for someone to find, but not me.

 This Vintage tractor was also on display along with this beautiful extending telescope. I would loved t have purchased but it was $ 40 and out of my price range

This fabulous place is a must return to site as they were closed, but I walked around anyway, just to be curious which I am always! My husband just waited in the car and oh, what he missed seeing. 

Stone Water Wheel 

Wagon Wheel

House behind the front building that is full of item for sale, I have to go back one day!

Old Gold mine car

Old washing machine

No dea what this is?

Oh how I wanted this table on two wheels,very heavy wood top! $600

Thursday Evening Harvest Market , (handmade and food grown only) in Hayseville, NC

I got these collard greens to make concrete leaves for a mold.

This bottle tree is in Young Harris, GA near the collage campus!

This crochet square spread was made for me when I had to leave AOL after 911 happened. I look at this and I know I have had many close friends even that I may have never net through my" Department 56 Snowbabies "days when I was an AOL chat host! Each square had a ribbon on it with then name of the wonderful friend who had made it and then they were all put together in this huge bedspread.  I will always know I was friend-ed by all of  these fabulous people.

My wonderful breakfast my husband cooks for me, Blueberry waffles! Awesome!

And last, Emma celebrated being with us for 5 years last week and I hung this banner and balloon for her, we love her so much, she was abandoned till we found her through Petfindercom

I am joining the Etsy Cottage Style Monday Market Blog for bloggers who show their vintage finds! Go by also to there and see lots of fun things found by others!

Enough about me for now, I need to get busy listing my great finds. Thanks for dropping by and please leave a comment so I can see your blog also!
Smiles, Cyndi

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