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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My eBay Vintage Tiny Travel Trailer Park Fun Memories am parting with now!

I do not list in Ebay very much but I have a few things that are too New for Etsy and so I am listing several fun items I have now on Ebay. If they do not sell I will probably put  them either in my Bonanza shop or try the new Facebook shop that is not my Etsy shop on Facebook.

I sell on eBay as frstyfrolk, the Internet name I started with many years ago. My world page on ebay tells of me and my findings I like to sell.

as you know I used to have a Vintage 1963 Shasta Teardrop travel tiny trailer. I named here "Daisy" because she as a Shasta and she now lives in Asheville, NC when I had to sell her for economical reasons.
I was in New Orleans and saw these fun neat cool items regarding Vintage Trailer Park and I got what they had. When I got home, I looked up the company, " David and Goliath" and found more of these items so I purchased them all. I really thought as we traveled the country on the two lane roads in our "Daisy" trailer I could meet and sell these items with other Vintage Trailer Lovers!

Well, I never got to return to the Texas Roundtop, TX Antique week event while I had her so I still have them. I know they would have sold there as there were many vintage trailers in the park at Roundtop, TX including "Magnolia Pearl's Airstream! Wow, that was an experience, it is so beautiful. She hand painted it and had lace curtains. I met her at Marburger Farms in her tent and told her we were in the same RV park and her.  I even bought on of her clothing outfits!  Never in my dreams, she was just enchanting!

I also met the Junk Gypsies on that trip and they are wonderful friends. I have loved watching them grow their business on HGTV on their own TV show now.

Another thing on our TX trip, I  took a photo of the RV park in Roundtop, TX and I later got a letter from the Community advertising committee asking me if they could use my photograph on their literature promoting the park and the community. Of course, I said YES! What an Honor!

Royers Cafe is a must do when there, we never got a reservation to dine attheir cafe but we got these famous pies at Zapp Hall. 

That was a very memorable trip, one of my very favorite memories of 2009!

Anyway, I have had these cute items  in storage and I never used the photo album scrapbook. I kept a cosmetic bag and coffee cup for me but I have these extras I do not need any more.

Here is me in my apron and I love it!

Here are better photos of the items I have on eBay and if you know anyone with a tiny teardrop or vintage trailer, head them my way please.  Here is the link to my listings!

They are all now retired with David and Goliath who marketed them. They make the most fun things!

I appreciate any help in selling these items to vintage travel trailer lovers! Please share with anyone who might be interested.

 frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams on Ebay! 

Smiles, Cyndi


romance-of-roses said...

Hi Cindi,
Thank you for visiting me, happy to meet you. Have heard of the Texas Roundtop, sounds like an amazing place. Ebay isn't what it used to be, I was a power seller a few years ago but no longer sell there. Hope you have success selling your items. Know Bonanza is good, so glad you are also there. I have never tried that place. Lovely blog, hugs...Lu

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hi Cyndi, love the vintage trailer or, as we used to say, camper. it's cute as a bug! Magnolia Pearl has a fabulous Airstream; have you seen the magazine spreads on her house? Just like the Airstream except more.

Debbi said...

How fun! and you got to meet the Junk Gypsies??? How awesome, they are so their show:)

Anonymous said...

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