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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thrifting and Antiquing Outing, Grass Field

I went out to the Post Office yesterday to mail a package and needed gas that is much cheaper in Georgia than in North Carolina so I made a voyage!  I saw a Thrift shop and Antique village I had never stopped at so I ventured in. Here are a few photos of the shop, full of vintage things! By best finds were books and magazine, ( like I need more) but, who can turn down a Somerset Magazine for $1.00 along with a couple of books I got and more magazines, Beading, Southern Lady, and Victoria!

This booth has a tree knot log for $10 and I find these all over our woods. But, I suppose some folks have never seen them. I have not until we moved to the woods!

And, I adored this tree bark wall piece, it looks so fine here and rustic! 

Here are some more photos, they hag fun coats from long ago and many hats, I tried on a few straw and woven hats but they swamped me.

 The bed was sold

Fur coats

Just stuff

I adored this duck on wheels 

I wondered if this sweater had been altered, I loved it! 

This painted glass bowl looked to me like an old light base??? , anyway it would be beautiful with moss terrarium in it

The lace was underneath it

The sign said" painted ostrich eggs"

This antique cabin was not open but that did not stop me from taking a few photographs! I will have to be strong when I return as I adore that little cat inside the front door window, or maybe it is the side door window, it has two entrances! 

Cat inside window on left stacking boxes

OK, I am welcome!

Side entrance

Extra Cabin

Side and front entrance

Front porch facing the road
Porch steps are crumbling down, a shame

This fabulous grass was blowing in the wind as reminded me of the "waves of grain"  in 
"America the Beautiful Lyrics"s on a road I had to detour on as they are re-building a bridge I travel across.

This is the curly grass  underneath it

This tree caught my eye as the roots have been trimmed or broken on the road to many folks homes in Warne Estates.

The overlook looking down into Warne homes!

I hope you enjoyed your trip with me!  I will show you my bargains after I get photos!
                                                                    Smiles, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyndi, I've reached an age when I find "my stuff" in antique/vintage shops! Lovely trip, thanks for taking me along.

romance-of-roses said...

Hello Cyndi,
Love the thrift store, they are so much fun. I go as often as I can to the nearby shops, have many large ones but have to drive a little further for those. This was a very nice trip. Hugs...Lu

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...My goodness! I could spend hours and hours in this incredible place. So many treasures to be discovered!
Thank for sharing!
Carolynn xo