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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something to Crow About! Build a Crow Frame, Crowbread, and fun books!

I was reading a magazine on my front porch daybed and found an article by one of my favorite authors. 

I love to collect magazine from the thrift store and friends of the Library bookstore where they sell cheap and magazines are so expensive to purchase these days. The article are timeless and son;t matter that they are from the past days. This particular magazine is about gardening , one of my favorite reads, "A Country Living, Gardner November /December 2000, so it is 12 years old. Opps, 13 years old almost. Forgot about the new year already! 

This article is about "Crows" and we have lots of them here in the North Carolina woods I live in the Nantahala Forest and. I hear them every morning as they fly among the trees around us.  The author is "Sharon Lovejoy" and she writes about children's gardening which is great for me as I am just learning gardening and collecting the native plants around me. Child-like articles suit me just fine!  I adore the fairies, gnomes, and hobbit like habitats and love to create them in my moss gardens.

Here is the article I read, I scanned in for you about " Something to Crow About"

The Crow article has a recipe for crow cornbread and how to build a frame around your garden to keep out the crows but they are helpful in eating many grubs but unhelpful in adding our worms to their diet also. I do see them in the cornfields that have been cut but not removed in the farms all around us. 

 The book listed at the end of the article is on my wishlist at Amazon " Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots" 

and I have the following book " Sunflower Houses" 

I checked out another book from her at the Library one day and liked it so much I purchased it from Amazon and I love it 

Sunflower Houses 

 Maybe you would enjoy them also! 
Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

I never knew there was a recipe for bread to feed crows. I never see any around and makes me wonder if any other birds would eat it. I also like the ten cent magazines at the thrift store. At that price I can take them home and read them and then donate some back for someone else to enjoy. I donate some that I buy but my Daughter likes to cut pictures out and make collages so I give a lot of mine to her...she also likes the ones with a lot of recipes.
Thanks for sharing Cyndi :)

ByLightOfMoon said...

Yes Nancy,

The thrift magazines are awesome! I have boxes full that I have purchased especially in Alabama when I had the most fabulous store so close to me. Most of them were 3 for $1.00.

I also am bad about cutting out articles and photos but some I can return for others to enjoy again too!

None of the recipes ever get old, in fact, some of the best ones are seen in the older mags as to what is popular at the time or era! But, I am not a cook and tend to like the home decor or crafting areas the best!

I do show my DH recipes and some I do clip, in fact like the sourdough bread recipe came from the newspaper. My Mother gave a me a Sourdough Book like she had and I will be using those recipes with the starter I made. So far, we had two loaves of bread and 6 rolls.

I would love to see your daughter's collages, I need to go through my pictures I have already cut and get started on them myself. I can get lost in them as I liked them well enough to cut out in the first place.

The newer magazines are bad about giving you an internet link to go to where the older magazines have them in the book you are reading.
Good for having them around as all can be completed without having to get on the computer.

Thanks for your comment and I thought the fencing was neat around the garden too for keeping the birds out. I find bunny poop in my moss area garden and Peter Cottontail ate my ornamental kale tops off, so I moved it to where another one is closer to the house and in fact, I can see them from the porch now. They were too pretty to have to walk to the moss garden to see them. Beautiful winter blooms!
It is amazing to me what I can find though just by moving a few leaves and what is growing underneath them. Lots of green can still be found.

Smiles, Cyndi

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