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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flea Market Finds plus surprise!

Flea Market Finds plus surprise!

Last Saturday I took some of my handmade things to a flea market to sell and I ended up purchasing more than I sold.   we just needed some extra cash to get by till my second month social security check arrives and needing gas and food. But, when you are sitting by a few vendors and  things are slow, I wander, well I wander anyway and my poor husbands ends up sitting at our booth.  I cannot sit still for very long so I have to get up and walk around and lurk I wish.

The first things I bought were two vintage crochet doilies in perfect condition and an embroidered dresser scarf. Grand total was 10 cents each so I did very well for 30 cents.  I was very proud of myself till I wandered back to same vendor as they unloaded more things from their pick up bed. Things were just in boxes and I love to dig through boxes but they were trying to put some things on tables.

I saw some plates and a cologne bottle so I showed her how to make neat china towers, putting the clear cologne bottle between the two matching plates and I did not buy them. I was so proud.! Then I saw a cute china cheap pair of china decoration  high heel shoes so I added them to the top. She agreed they were very cute but she had no interest in doing this with them.  Then, I saw a gold angel, it even looked better on top and so I asked and 25 cents. Yes, I got it along with some colored and clear transparency papers I saw still in original boxes.  Well, 25 cents each and an old learning to type at a typewriter book, kind of neat so I added it too.

   I never have learned to type well, my brain and fingers just do not get it together.  My grand total is building and I am scraping through my change purse for some coins.  Then they put out two large vintage ads which I fell in love with and I am not abiding by my  own rules of only selling. In fact, I have sold nothing! But, at 50 cents for both, it was too good to turn down.  Oh and the Hex Sign Booklet was inside the Typewriter book. 

 Oh, I also saw a  French playing cards game like new so how much? Twenty-five cents, I am being nickel and dimed and loving it! Then they pulled out a box of more books and I am a book lover, they had an old yellowed bible, just pages and I was proud at 10 cents  I passed. I have several to work with already for punched items and media on my art projects.  If it had been friend, WOW!, I just wish! Anyway, I did see a weather book for children and I love learning about anything nature and especially the sky so at 5 cents it was mine along with a little china doll in the book box, another 10 cents, she has a basket and is adorable, perfect for a fairy garden.  

I also saw two vintage ceramic  Mushroom Canisters' at $5.00 for both  so I asked them to come see what I had if they would like to trade for them as I am running dry at my wallet.  The more I left and came back to see if they had sold the more I fell in love with them. They would not fit anywhere in our kitchen but would be awesome in the summer fairy garden and I could store something in them instead of cookie jars in the kitchen.  They were even signed on the bottom by the ceramic painter maker from I mold I suppose.  And while I was back at my table just a few away from them, this OWL appeared and off I went back to see it. My husband told me to go ahead and get the mushrooms too so I ask how much the owl was. One dollar I was told and I had a $5 dollar bill in my hand so I ask if he could be included with the mushrooms, Fine he said. I gave him and BIG HUG and thanked him, he know how I had been drooling over the mushrooms. I even have a board on Pinterest especially for OWLS as I love them so much, and always have had a thing for them. This owl is like a blow up pillow and they said it would keep the birds away but, we love the birds and feed them so he will stay inside the house in my crafting room to add to the already way to many things I have and love.   Just another no purpose item to take up room with un-needed but loved things!

I think I went back to their tables 5-6 times that morning but he also was selling guns and having a wonderful day of sales. My items really should be at a handmade crafts show, not a flea market.  She did come down and traded me some of my paw print crayons for some of my bill with them.  ( grins)  They are broken windchimes but I can use the parts for sure! 

Then I was also taking to the lady directly across from me and I am telling her how fabulous her items are but she is not selling much either. They couple on the end I kept going back to had the market business, especially with their guns and nick knacks, they had a bunch of old Tupperware selling also.

While I was at the table across from me as I was talking to her I was browsing her items, I  just fiddled  around and re-stacked some of her clothing. She had a lot of children's clothing and I found a flag folded up, the colors were awesome and when I unfolded it, I was shocked. It was perfect for our cabin to replace the summer, Mary Engelbreit  flag "Bloom"!  It was a bear and Moose flag, brand NEW, Never used!  and the best part, $2.00.  What a find!

Wow, things were so cheap it is hard to be good and not buy, this was the first time I had ever attended this flea market and there was not a lot of traffic but enough for a $5.00 table.  Next time, I will really just bring old household things and hope to shed a few non necessary items anymore.  They are also open on Fridays which they said traffic was very good they day before. Well, it is football season and college football is huge here just like in Alabama.

I had another fabulous surprise when we got home in the mailbox was a package from my Mother in Missouri. She keeps me in good books to read so I never have to buy a book, I just get gardening and crafting books and not a Danielle Steele novel ever as she reads them so fast and forwards them to me. I also love Luanne Rice and so does she.  She told me to read " Happy Birthday"  Book first as she loved it the best!

Also included was a Target Bag and inside was the new "Barbra Streisand CD, Release Me". I listened  to it on the front porch immediately after I called and thanked her for sending all of the box of books and CD to me.  I love to read, I just need to take more time to sit down and enjoy a good book. I only read a book at night going to bed if I am awake enough so I am a slow book reader. I can browse magazines on the front porch now and then but I should enjoy our front porch hammock and just read. a novel. Maybe I will! I should!  I was telling my Mother how much I loved Barbra Streisand and especially her music and movie " A Star is Born" 

A Star is Born album and liner pages above!  I bet I have played it 100 times and seen the movie at least 20 times. I bought the DVD and will get her one also as she has never seen it. I told it she was the reason I cut my hair and got a curly perm in the 1970's after wearing long straight hair for 20 years. 

I have been reading a book from one of our favorite bands from the area we grew up in Springfield, Missouri! They are the "Ozark Mountain Daredevils" and I went to school with Randy chowning and my husband grew up with Larry Lee. Neither are still in the band but I love their old music from the 1970-80's.  There is a Yahoo Group called "Chicken Train" after the name of one of their popular songs.  I get a digest and found Michael Supe Granada has a book called "It Shined" so I ordered it a few years ago when we also ordered some Tee Shirts.  My husband read it but I had not until recently and it has returned so many old memories. We used to play them in the car all the time and had the albums at home.
They just have some good country from the Ozarks kind of music that I adore. "Jackie Blue" was their biggest radio song by Larry Lee.   


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Wow! You did really well - those doilies and scarves for 10 cents! I am thrilled if I can get them for 2 to three dollars! And don't you love to get books in the mail?? Thanks for show and tell!

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