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Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Shopping Day or Quiet Time?

I saw a post on my facebook page by Petticoats On The Prarie. Theyareone of my favorite sites to get messages from and share.

I do like what is in the walk - in stores these days but not everything I love is available today. Some of my favorite are made in the past and all of these terms apply to me.  So I know I LOVE VINTAGE!  I think everyone does love some things in the past better than what is made today and there is a big market for these items.

We do not live near shopping centers anymore and today being Black Friday will not effect me at all.  Or, is is affect. I believe effect as I am not leaving the house except to go to the Post Office where I will mail some purchases made in our on-line shops.  It will affect my future purchases anywhere especially for Christmas shopping.

The more extra cash we have to spend in December will determine what we can buy. We have no credit cards and only spend what is in our pocket. That was not always the way we spent our money we with had  or did not have.  We used to just go buy what we saw when we saw it and that is still some of the best shopping I believe I have ever done because now I am not anywhere to see a SALE Item like I used to when we lived in the city.

I would go shopping for an item and see something like for example my set of china we eat from. Is was not in the market for dinnerware bit I passed an isle that had this beautiful pine cone edged dinnerware on sale for $7.00 and WOW, That was a 4 piece set of plates, saucers, cups and bowls.  I will never see something like that advertised in a newspaper or sales flyer. It was just there, and I grabbed it to add to my basket of several other items I really was not shopping FOR that day but I bought more than intended and just used my credit card.  It does come in handy for situations like that. We you see a good buy you can take advantage of it at the moment!

This is just a thought I had today as I hear of all the stores have their Black Friday Sales. They created the chaos they receive today and they have all almost obliterated the Thanksgiving holiday with getting the dollar as it really started even before Halloween with Christmas Items in stores.

I wonder if today's children will experience the trip to Grandmothers' like  I did as a child. Heck, when we moved to Alabama from Missouri in 1970 even the grocery stores were not open on Sunday.   Sunday was a day to go to the park or stay home and enjoy a day of rest!  Read a book or go to a movie when nothing else was open. Parking lots were empty then on Sundays and Holidays.  I love my quiet times!

Oh well,  times are changing!

Here is my dinnerware with my plate having the sweet potatoes and they added so much colr and I loved them. My husband's plate is plain with no decoration and it is Vintage Homer Laughlin I got at an estate sale.

Our beautiful Bird, a turkey! 

Everyone in our family wanted to make sure they got a bite! 

By the way, we ate on our back deck! 

Also, here is my flea market $2.00 flag! I great deal! 

Smiles, Cyndi


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