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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marigolds, putting the garden to bed!

Marigolds, putting the garden to bed!

I guess I may be the only person in the world to take my marigolds for granted. I have always had them for their beautiful colors but, they have never grown for me as well as they did this year!  In fact, everything I planted has grown surprisingly well!

This was the first year for us to have ever had a real garden, well, sort of, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and peppers. I planted marigolds in the garden because I had read they keep bugs away and to have them around your tomatoes! We did, the tomatoes are gone but, the marigolds have been still blooming and doing  fabulous! 

I was invited to a new blog board called "Storylane" and of course I just love that name. On my second invitation I decided to check it out and I love it.  a poster " Jane" showed her marigold potpourri stash she had dried and I thought OK, I can do that too!   We have been expecting a freeze and I know they will disappear then and I also needed to much and clean up the garden bed.

I started trying to rake around the marigolds to get the leaves under them and around on top of them. The leaves here are huge and we have ALOT of them and I didn't want them to suffocate my plants so I have been mowing the leaves and mulching them to put in my plant beds.  This is taking some time as we have so many and they reappear every day. We do live in the Nantahala Forest.

Well, they were breaking  off, their little heads were so weak so I went and got a screen, scissors, garden gloves, mini rake, and went to work cutting them from their bases and cutting the beautiful yellow and gold flower heads onto my screen to take to dry. While I was cutting these, I started noticing the stem leaves look like little ferns and then, OH THE JOY! the buds to open on the stems below the big heads are full of tiny Lilliputian bugs in a whole new world to me. They are so beautiful and colorful. The leaves may be turning a beautiful purple and the tiny heads were gorgeous reds, pinks, purples, and touches of yellow. I was so fascinated by them I started adding them to my cuttings and I ended up with four screens full of leaves, buds, and flowers!

Then my husband served me a hot cup of coffee in my beautiful Fall Mountain cup which blended beautifully with the marigold colors so I had to take a photo. It was so good as it was cold yesterday and we still have not had our freeze but it will be soon and I am more ready for it. I am just let the gardens rest knowing I have done what I have learned about for the winter.  

I am still unsure if I need to cut back my eucalyptus plants, I pray if returns next year. It did OK last year by just being re-plated from our move and mulching it real good.   This has been our first year in the cabin and our first planting season is done. 

It has been a joy and I have enjoyed being outdoors so much this year. I am still so slow at unpacking the house with all the stuff I moved and It just won't fit so I head outdoors where I can control a little bit better. But, I have to face it!, many things have to go! I have to part with many of my loved but really un-needed things. I just like to surround myself with memories of collections I have saved. Beautiful things to me are satisfying, but not so much when it is so crowded and unable to even unpack from their boxes so that will be my winter work.

 My husband made me this fabulous old fashioned meat loaf dinner last night too, It was so pretty and GOOD, I have to share his work! 

Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

Awesome Cyndi..My Marigolds are still blooming too and some of them are huge and bigger than some other plants that I paid a lot for. There are so many pretty colors of Marigolds too. Billy just pulled some up that came back this past spring from the year before and I planted them everywhere. Nice way and very inexpensive way to have a lot of color everywhere :)

Dani said...

We have marigolds too and they are blooming like crazy..the plants are huge! we don't get freezes like you do but it does get cold. I am wondering how long they will last but it will be fun as they'll reseed themselves before then...hugs

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