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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Jordan, My Golden Retriever I miss so badly!

Jordan's Birthday is today but he is not here physically.

Oh My Dear Jordan, you are the most dearest dog I have ever known and I knew I could not get through this post for you without tearing up where I can barely see.  Jordan, I miss you so very much, my heart still aches for you to be here with me, but I know you are will Megan and Ally Over the Rainbow Bridge in no more pain and playing with your tennis ball.

Jordan loves his tennis ball 

Megan and Jordan 1997

I know it is my selfish tears missing you and those darn tumors in your lungs that hurt your breathing are not hurting you now.  I have your ashes ready for the river ceremony when I get back there and I hope and pray it is soon. I want to move to the river for Emma and Bailey to enjoy it as you did.  Now, you have rivers all over to play in and enjoy!  But, they are not rivers of tears, they are of JOY for you! They are so glad you are there with all the other pets in Heaven to bring joy to all those to come before you and after you.

Dylan was there to greet you I know also. You know, he was our very first Golden Retriever. 

I know you welcome them along with Megan (your mate) and Ally (your daughter with Megan), even Bailey from the Hinds family and Dusty from Marsha's family, your other puppies.  By the way, Barkley, your son and still here with Lisa, (your  people sister). He is big and strong and doesn't like to play with Bailey too much although is fine with Emma.  I love to see Barkley at Lisa's house and he welcomes us with love and kisses.

Maggie and Abby came to visit last month and we had joy again with them here. Emma( do you remember Emma? and Bailey who came after you both needed a good home as they were both abandoned by their owners and I love them both also but you have always had a very special place in my heart for the 11 years you were with us.  You went through so many highs and lows with us as we journey though this life. At least we were in better health then and went walking daily and saw and did so much with you.  You saw this God Green Earth too and experienced the love it offers.

You and Megan lived with us in Alabama, went to Seattle with us, then lived in the RV with us and regretfully back to Alabama with us.  We both loved the Washington State Olympic Penisula and the beaches, the campgrounds, the parks, parades(except the fire engines) and festivals we attended. They was so much to see and do there. Everyone lent their hand to pet you and say how pretty you were. You are Beautiful inside and out, little did they know how much!

Babysitting Ally and Maggie in Florida, Jordan and Megan looking at Tennis ball in hot tub
" I want it so Bad"

I just wanted to say out LOUD to you Jordan how much I will always love you.
Bless your soul and have JOY!

Love Mom/ Cyndi

Megan 10-12-97 - 5-10-98

Jordan  10-20-97 - 3-16-09

You and Megan were just a week apart in age and grew up together! I cherish those memories with both of you in our lives. Dad ( Bob) misses you too and Megan was kind of his dog and you were mine. It just happened that way, didn't it?  

Love and Hugs for you, on your special day, we cherish because it brought you to us!
Smiles, Cyndi

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