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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Crafted Apron, Recycle, Upcycle, Pillow Sham, Belts

I made this" Liberty Apron" from a Pillow Sham and Belts.  I almost had it done by the fourth of July but has to sew the arm area buttons on. Well, Maybe Memorial Day but, that too passed. I am slow!

I had the idea of the sham being an apron and the belts to be the neck overlap and waist ties. It was a new Sham when I started, but the belts were from the thrift store which I originally got for the D-Rings use. Another use is just fine by me and I have more.

Off course, Lily our kitten had to get in the photo as she is growing up so fast. 
I cleaned her hair off with a tacky brush, but don't consider it if you hate cats. 

I will list it in My Etsy Handmade shoppe "ByLightOfMoon" that I share with my Mother as she is a fabulous seamstress and makes" Rosemary's Handbags". 

I  am not a real good sewer so I kind of just made do with what I can think off.  My first Apron re-do was for our Fairy Zine swap and I used a vintage apron with a hole in it. One thing led to another and and I was very proud to mail it off to My friend whose name I received from Lisa Kettle. Aughra's Lair lives in the United Kingdom.

She also got in the basket next to the footstool, it is huge is why I put it there to take the photo as It only cost me $3.88, another thrift store grab and I got compliments on it while I finished shopping the store. 
It really was a GREAT deal! 

I also got a Beeswax candle kit and I can't wait to make my first candle with it. Some of the parts are gone, but the wick and wax is there so that is all I really need. 

Get this price, $1.48, and blue tag was 30% off discount, another Great deal. 
I have to stay away from there as my habit to shop there was getting extreme to our pocket book.
And, I can go NOWHERE near the books section.  I do really get carried away there! 

But, I will have fun making this and more ideas I have in my head. 

Smiles, Cyndi    

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