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Friday, October 29, 2010

I met Kayce Kayne yesterday!

Oh WOW, I met Kayce Kayne at Academy Sports last night. He was sponsered by Remington and I am not too impressed with the photo of him with the rifle but that was OK. I met him! He talked to me as I stood by the table as he was signing photos, cars, a tire, T-shirts, caps, a DVD of his career, posters, etc.

He had a young girl by his side and he said she was married and he had no girlfriend. He really said that, Why do I not believe that. He can't spend every night alone. He is just protecting her or whatever. I can still be proud of him and wish him a WonDerFul Career!  He said next year he will be in car number "4" four.

I was said to myself, " I will just be the" last" person in the long line to have him sign the photo I was given. No one ask me to leave so standing by the table was much better than standing in a long line going around the store isles anyway, so I just stayed after he arrived and took many photos as he signed items people brought in.

Academy has NO merchandise for him so I did not get a cap for him to sign. I had my " Figments" notebook with me I got the radio Dollar Bill to sign as he came in the door and talked to me and another man about the "Hatfields and McCoys feud" . It was quite interesting while we waited for Kayce to arrive.

We were in the area because we had gone to pick up "Lily" our rescue kitty from the Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. It was time to get her spayed and shots and a grant was left to residents of Alabaster and Montevallo, Alabama for feral animals to be fixed. It certainly was the right price for us.  Free Sterilization Surgery Grant was left in a will by a wonderful person. I do not have their name but what a "FABULOUS thing to do with your money you have when you pass on.  She also got Micro-Chipped and several shots including rabies.

I worked in the yard yesterday and I need to bring our plants in today as the forecasters say we might get some frost this weekend. Hard to believe, when we have had 80 and 90 degree weather lately. I will do it just to be ready for whenever we do get it. I Guess it will snap the gourd plant that is taking over one side of the fence and has huge white flowers and just three gourds I have found. I just planted seeds in the spring with no idea what to expect. I even planted them in a Recycle Bag from the Grocery Store. They spread into the other three pots on the ground there and hid the clematis from the sun. Maybe I should move it, Yes, I will!
If I can find it?

I dug up some Bamboo growing outside the fence we put up. It was hiding my Bottle tree so I also moved it too. I am going to give two bags of roots and grown plants to my neighbors. I also moved some roots to the other side of the house to grow there.  I love it and it really has grown well this year along with the hummingbird plant. It is as tall as the house now with beautiful purple flowers and the hummingbirds and butterflies love it!

I also moved the elephant ears I use to make plant leaf birdbaths. The leaves this year were smaller than last year as the Banana Plant also took off this year. I guess it was all the spring rains but it has been a very dry summer.

I also planted some Sweet Annie last spring and I can;t tell what it is if it grew in my potted garden plants.
I have one leaf that has taken over the gazebo with these strange leaves and red flowers like a morning glory. Another plant has a long stem and has sprouted a tiny whitish flower.

If you know the names, please let me know?

Smiles, Cyndi

I better get going if I plan to do all of this today!
Smiles, Cyndi

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