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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Small Spaces

Small Spaces

Check out this video of how to live in small spaces! My mouth fell open when I saw the bookshelves. Oh yes! Why Not?  I do try to use vertical space but this gives me plenty of new ideas.

Also, check this apartment out

Chinese living

This is just amazing!

I had to share, these are so incredible!

It reminds me of our RV living in 2001-2003, I loved it! Everything I owned was in our home on wheels with the exception of a few photo albums and unreplacable things I had shipped to my daughter like my Mother's handmade china.

Megan and Jordan at play at Cresent Beach Campground we managed in Port Angeles, Washington.
Our RV is in the background on the right, and a lone camper to surf on the left. We mainly had surfers come to the park in the wintertime but we met folks from all over the world.

My Dear husband Bob at work as Campground Host, his duties, playing with the dogs in the snow, I believe I took the picture.

I loved the snow, it will get into the 90's today here in Alabama.

Out our front door

The Cemetary to the right

Jordan looking under the door

Jordan again under the bedroom door
We had company and he wanted out to be with us.
Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

Love the videos, Cyndi..we've been thinking about retirement and getting a RV to live in..we both like to travel...but it will be a few years yet....

Sandra said...

Can't see the videos but I'm spoiled by this big ole farmhouse and rue the day I'll have to move. But, change is the only constant in our lives so, with God's grace, I'll still be happy.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hi Cyndi -- you won my giveaway! The Halloween recipe booklet and card pack! Love those snowy pics!!! Port Angeles was such a pretty spot -- also loved Port Townsend, too...