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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Books, Words, Magazines, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Photographs

I am in love with the written word. I make notes of one word entries just to retain a thought. Do you?  I know most ladies journal, I just started with my pain to let it go but, it was nothing to be published.

I have always loved books, to read, to look at photos, to share with others, to learn meanings, to arm chair travel, to just see and feel! It is almost like when I was quilting I just loved the feel of the fabrics and the images on the cloth, the colors, the changes in touch, and so many words in my head.

I blog visit in the mornings with my coffee and this morning I visited Dawn at "The Feathered Nest" and "Tim Holtz blog".    Dawn is always so fresh and clean with her artwork and thoughts. Today she shows books also and many fabulous photos of her organization including fabrics storage.  Her studio room is delightful to visit and her creations are admirable.
Now, Tim Holtz is the opposite in a way as he is grunge and shares old world images and thoughts. His products are awesome and I can't keep up with the new items he markets. But, his ideas are inspiring and I got the idea of pen nibs today from his curio cabinet. They help create words and thoughts! How inspiring! Simple!

I watch a movie or read a magazine or book and make notes along the way to remember my thoughts and feelings of inspiration.  I would hope they help to remember images and words, also to learn new words.
French words are my thing right now as they are with everyone and linens. Look at the wall words available now and monograms are back in popularity.
But, I don't always like popular as I like what I see and normally Vintage!  Not what is in the big box stores but the thrift, charity, consignment, shops, and what I find on the ground as I walk?

 Nature, acorns, pine cones, bottle caps, stones, leaves, so much to see.  I have trouble walking in nature but I am making a promise to myself to do it more.  I love parks and wooded trails.  I can only wear sandals and with no socks as my neuropathy prevents the fibers and tightness of socks and enclosed shoes. I also wear a custom made insole for my sandals, but I will vow to take longer steps and not fall on my face. I also use a cane so my walks now are better in pavement since I have taken a couple -of bad falls with a missed step.  
But, I am now thinking of the jeep trails we used to ride in the woods and the hiking club we were involved with. We did allot of fun rafting and canoe trips with water, another love of mine. I cherish the times I have spent in the water. We had boats, a runabout, a sea doo, a sailboat and I love the times we spent on the sailboat. Even at anchor, sleeping on the water, waking to the bird sounds and the wake knocking us back and forth.
Most times we were tied together with a group of sailboats and in a forested cove. Friends, we had many!

We don't get out and do like we used to and how words has led me to this I suppose is my memories that has led me here and as  I think.

I fall back on words to describe my thoughts and feelings.
Without them I could not share with you, could I?
Have a fabulous day, today is my daughter's birthday! It is a special day as I remember her birth. One of the most important days of my life, Oh yes, it was!  She is so special to me and I cherish that she is in my life.

Happy Birthday Lisa!
Blessings, Cyndi/Mom

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