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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Auction Memoribelia and more Lily photos growing up!

Auction Memoribelia

Last weekend I got my husband to go with me to an auction. I used to go by myself but I really wanted his imput. I believe I need a piece of funriture for my consignment booth that might bring me some extra cash. Maybe a dresser,  desk, or table! And they had several but we passed on all of them. When it came down to it, they started the prices out iver my head  that I had planned to pay and I can wait and see more. At least he got to see why I always came home with so much loot when I had gone to one. They usually had them on Sunday afternoons and he was working then, that site has burned down and the new site has evening auctions.

I did see a photo I wanted and I kept watch on the boxes around it as items move around very quickley and they never even held it up to show it but sold it with a group of other things and  so when I saw that group of cardboard it was in move to the selling table I immediately bid $5.00 . And I won!

But on the table before that item was , well, I did not know what till they brought it to my chair.  Wow, a bunch of things. I thought I would just pull my photo put and donate the rest is what I should be doing now, but I will give it a try for selling and then donate if nothing comes of it.

Anyway here is a photo of all the loot I got and when I thumbed through it, I found three other photos. The photo I wanted was a  girl in a pink dress painted by Maud Humphrey. My Mother has a few larger pictures by her and I love them so I was alittle knowledgeable about her. First off, she is "Humphrey Bogart's mother" and she has painted many dolls portraits.  It was a Hamilton Collection photo so not all that valuable except to me.

Also in the collection, was another photos of dolls and a framed galley print of a Norman Rockwell photo of two children sitting on a log and their dog along with a fishing tree limb pole and still in the original mailing box. The auction had many doll items as the owner had a Collectible and Doll Shop and many of the last few held auctions have been selling all the stores merchandise plus their personal collections. And, they collected alot. I really should have bid on a box or doll furniture from a huge doll house that had already sold. I wonder if they had not yet found the box with the furniture when it sold. They also had little baby clothes that could fit dolls still in original shopping boxes from prominent Birmingham stores of the past. Lovemans, Pizitz, and Blacks!

I also brought home a blue box with German like painted flowers on it, a slide projector viewing light box, a Revere vintage movie reel projector, ( just no reel) but easy to find I am sure.  Also a cast iron play stove, need some screws put together, a Men's plastic garment bag, and a plastic NFL game with two football players and several helmets and a new Buxton tri-fold wallet. Not bad for $5.00

This stove on the right does not fit anywhere on the mini cast iron stove but maybe it would make a nice stamp with ink on it.  Never hurts to try!

In the meantime Lily is growing up so fast, She now weights 2 lbs and is always on the go.
She likes to hide in the dustpan like no one can see her,

She now climbs up the cat pole to the middle shelf, I have found her on the top shelf with Blue before and Blak won't let her up with him. He is territorial there! (grins)

Her eyes are also changing to green, I was really hoping for them to stay blue. Well, she is growing though fast. And we are enjoying her every day!

Smiles, Cyndi


Sandra said...

Mercy, I do love auctions! The thrill and excitement of bidding and then, sometimes, having the high bid. I don't call it winning a bid because I still have to pay. Am I right?
Lily is a cutie pie, give her a hug for me. Usually, the eyes of a very young kitten are all blue and change around 5 to 6 weeks of age. Bet I'm preaching to the choir, eh? -smile

Cinderella Moments said...

Miss Lily looks very surprised in that last picture! She is so pretty. I've never gone to an auction. I think they are scary. I mean what if I got carried away in the excitement! I'm glad you had fun!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Fun post! I love to find old treasures, and pics of kittens always bring a smile.