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Friday, July 9, 2010

More on the road with" Daisy" and my Golden Retrievers

Stuck on Arkanas gravel road hill

 We got straightened out but could not pull the hill, it looks worse in real life! We need a bigger truck!

I do include my husband too on our trip. It was hard on him as he is still recovering from Back fushion surgery and complications from last fall so we stopped often and walked around and drove slow taking a couple of days to get to Missouri from Alabama going through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas into Missouri.

My Mother will only turn 80 years old once and my brothers and her quilting friends celebrated her birthday early so I wanted to be with her on her actual birthday, July 4, 2010 although we did leave to head back home that afternoon after taking her to breakfast at Cracker Barrell.

I wanted to leave her with some photos we took on our trip to "Bonniebrook", the home of Rose O'Neil, the creater of Kewpie Dolls and a fabulous artist who drew covers for early Ladies Home Journal magazines and make "Kewpie Doll" illustrations along with making the dolls at a later date. It was explained to us that the blue wings on the back neck of every kewpie is in memory of Rose's brother who dies at age two suddenly, well one day, dead the next. Probably one of the diseases that affected children in the late 1890's and early 1900's.

Her home was incredible and her studio on the third floor was just fabulous! The house had burned after her death and was rebuilt to specifications twenty years later.

When the house was rebuilt the foundation commissioned Florence Baker to paint the Kewpie lamps in the home. What they did not know was my Mother does work just as well as what we saw. She hand-painted lamps also and I have one! ( Grins)

So, I left my Mother with photos and also uploaded them to Flickr in the album, On the Road 2010. My name on flicker is frstyfrolk for you to see them.

This is Rose's Studio in the top floor window of the home.

Her easel and wall photos of her and sister, Callista

This is just a sampling of the photos, more on on flicker at frstyfrolk


nancy huggins said...

Awesome pictures Cindy..wish I had a camper to go up North in Sept to look for a house to live in..would help a lot with motel bills :)
I am thinking about having a realtor up there or someone from the Church look for me and then deal with it if I don't like it when I get there.
Nothing could be worse than here unless they have a getto.
Counting the days until I go and have Dr appt in another town for my arm..maybe I can pack more if pain is gone.
Love seeing all your pictures :)

Cinderella Moments said...

Your picture with the police officer made me laugh! I wonder what they are thinking as you're getting "The Story." Keep on getting the scoop reporter! :D

ByLightOfMoon said...

I very much appreciated the police coming on the hill as the jerk who told us to go this road was the only person who knew we were there.

Who knows what could have happened. Yes, I do think they thought the camera was a bit much! But, I take it everywhere! ( grins)

Thanks for your comments!
Smiles, Cyndi