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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More about on the Road

We really did have a lot of fun on your road trip!  Besides seeing Rose O'Neil's home at Bonniebrook and learning more about her I scoured the thrift and flea markets looking for a yearbook of 1965 - 1968 from Glendale High School, I  never found one but we talk about our friends growing up and would be nice to look back. My Mother gave me my Grandmother's Yearbook and I love looking through it at the styles and I can't believe how beautiful she was in school.

We also did a trip to the new Branson Landing. Well, I had never seen it! It was full of shops but I really wanted to see the river and it blocks the river view when driving though town. On My, how it has changed in twenty years, so much growth. I guess it is OK if you want to spend money but I was just looking for memories.  I did fall for a toothpick tin that had a fair and carnival theme. I just love ferris wheels!

Here is a photo of the river with the water fountains that dance to music at night but we did not stay to see the light and water show. Maybe another time!

I also ask to turn around and go back when we passed Uncle Matt's Cabin at " The Shepard of the Hills"The Shepard of the Hills I just wanted to go get a photo of it but if anyone knows me I ended up wandering around a lot longer than my Mom wanted to wait in the car. My husband followed me and was back in the car and they kept calling me on the phone, " Where am I and how much longer?"   I started picking up my souvenirs, rocks, stones, hickory and walnuts on the ground and leaves from the trees.  The REAL souvenir's form Uncle Matt's Cabin.

Another neat thing we saw on the trip back home to my Mother's house in Springfield is a child's playground unicycle. Another stop for a photo. I had seen one previously in the Sunday Springfield, MO Paper, "News and Leader"  on a new bed and breakfast Home that just opened after many renovation's. Ms. Gilmore's" Carriage House at Hvmboldt Place". Her  home was built in 1902 by Paul Nicholas in Springfield, Mo.  In fact, I met Ms. Gilmore while she was adding items to her booth in a consigment shop on Trafficway, there are several flea markets on this road off of National Street. Here is a photo of the one I found in Reed Springs, Mo at the playground.

Isn't it kool? I love it!

I also went to see my grandmother's old home on Harrison Street, it looked like it was getting repairs, but I spent many fun times on this porch. I remember when I got my knee stuck in the porch railing and she used grease to unstick me.

The dogs, Emma and Bailey also rode with us on the day outing and they did real well.  As long as they are with us, they are happy!

Bailey and Emma

Take a look! This is one fabulous home with so many collectibles. Just Awesome !  It was in the gallery of home of the week in the newspaper also a week later.



Sandra said...

What a lovely outing; thanks for letting me tag along!

Cori said...

I agree with Sandra, looks like you had a great time! I love the photo of your dog sleeping!! That is priceless! Oh and the "bike around" (or whatever you call it lol) reminds me of my childhood, at the daycare I went to when I was younger, they had one of those :)