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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the Road Again with Daisy!

We are on the road again with our Daisy, 1963 Vintage Teardrop Shasta Trailer over the hills and through the woods to my Mother's house we go for her 80th birthday! We can go about 60 mph before she starts to wiggle around on the road so we love the two-lanes like she was meant to be driven on.

We took a detour to check out a campground and Oh Lordy!, Did we get stuck? What a really stupid move! We went on a gravel road past the campground and should have never adventured that far. The road got narrower and no place to turn around so we spied a spot and tried it.  A man came out from his hillbilly ( I think he was one, later on! )  house and just told us to continue on and we would come out the other side of the hill, so we took his advice. NOT! Bad advice, the hill turned into a mountain for our Escape pulling Daisy and we just could not pull the hill. We got stuck real good! We burned alot of rubber from front two-wheel tires before we decided to call 911 for a wrecker.

The police department gave us the number and so we called. Good deal! On the way to help us OK, this is midway to our destination and time is clicking away.  It was nice to see the police car come up the road behind us as the wrecker driver call for where in the world were we? Well, do we know, not really! Up a dirt gravel road from the campground but he needs to come in from the other side to hook us to him to come UP the hill.  Fortunately, the policeman could give him the directions he needed and we waited. By the way, the policeman said the hillbilly man was a REAL JERK!

Well, lesson learned, Do not drive on a narrow dirt road with no turnaround in sight!And gravel with that that just spins the tires. I have some pictures to show you later. Oh my, call me stupid!  I agree!

OK, Brand New wrecker appears on the hilltop backing down to us and stops to bring his cable to us. A sight for sore eyes and only an easy pull for him to get us out of there back to the pavement, very nice on the eyes.  Policeman follows and watches us write a $150 check, I suppose he has to pay for the new wrecker some way and we were an easy target with no other option.

We were back on our way thinking that was something else, good thing for cell phones! We did pass several houses on the way out but all had big trucks in their driveways to maneuver living on a mountain in Arkansas.

In fact that hillbilly man did have big cables across his property saying, "No Trespassing" and big "Keep Out signs"!  He came out when he heard us trying to turn around and we would have been successful if he had just left us alone. Jerk! He was even in his underwear, I guess we should have never got close to his property line, our fault! policeman said he had Doberman Pincher's but we saw none, better that a gunshot I suppose.

OK, Back on the road and thru the hills to my Mother's house! When we arrived,  all OK, she had just had a surprise birthday dinner party with her quilting friends and my brothers families. I had told her not to expect us any certain time because we knew we would be traveling slow due to hills and slow speeds.

Yesterday, my Mother and I went to Bonniebrook, the home of Rose O'Neil. She is the famous maker of the "Kewpie Doll" and her home and museum were fabulous! We both really enjoyed ourselves and I took alot load of photos. I have just not decided how to upload them yet. Shall I upload to her computer and make a disc for myself or Kodak, and then to Flicker. I will think it out and show you photos whenever! It will happen! We have plenty of room on the camera to keep them until home, maybe do an upload and then save them to camera. YES!

I am off for breakfast my husband has made me, we have cereal and blueberries with yogurt! Mother doesn't eat breakfast much, but loves to cook. We are not letting her! We brought all supplies and food for camping anyway in her driveway.

Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

I know how you feel..I did something similiar to that when I drove across rt 10 from Texas to Ga and it was one of the worse trips I ever made..I also had to turn around and when I got to a landing to try and turn it was like a cliff and could have easily drove into a swamp full of aligators..That is what your trip made me think of. It is a very long story but I was cops and no toe truck
Glad you are back home and safe.

papel1 said...

I sure did enjoy the story about your trailer and your having to call a tow truck. Although I am sure you did not enjoy it at the time. We have a 19 foot trailer and have several times when turning around was really hard. Thats why we go to RV Parks with big pull thru spaces off of big highways. Well not as pretty as a campground though.

Cinderella Moments said...

What a nice time you must be having! Well apart from the getting stuck!

Pam said...

How fun to be traveling with Daisy! Bet you folks get lots of looks and offers to buy Daisy as you travel? Bummers about getting stuck though. I'm following along thru Tuesday Tag-Along. Going to go scout out your blog a little more and see what other Daisy pics you have. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin