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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Thrift find and memories!

Look what I found!

I found this frame at the Thrift Store and thought, " What a find", and when I got home and opened it, I always think and hope I will find buried treasures behind the frame back like CASH, Nope , I think it is a shoe bag, but What a cool find!

That was a good deal , now what do I do with it? Should I use it to make something or sell it for someone else to enjoy?

I got two more shoe bags when I was in Texas last year that I have done nothing with. They are part of my great finds that are packed in a bin somewhere. I have to let go and sell these things!

So, I will be going through my bins to let go of my wonderful finds as soon as I can get started and will preview them here.

 In the meantime I I got this book at the library:

as I adore the Vintage San Francisco homes. I just saw it on the shelf and had to check it out to see more of the homes. I also have the postcards on the right of the book that I also got in Texas! The are lovely
" Painted Ladies" and have been  restored from the 1906 earthquake. That was a really bad one!

I have seen them in person while we used to take many trips to San Francisco when my husband traveled in his job and we had many frequent  flyer miles we used for vacations . I have wonderful memories of those fun days. We just roamed around the city and circumference  and always found new things to see every trip.

Has anyone been to the Sea made Organ Pipes by the Yacht  Club? We trekked there at night and were so lucky to have found them. we were like kids on a Nancy Drew Mystery.
Oh, I need to find those photos!

Thanks for looking!
Smiles, Cyndi


Cinderella Moments said...

Those are cool postcards! I know what you mean about finding that treasure! Maybe next time. It's like the lottery!
Funny you mentioned Seacrest. I just went on vacation in that area of Florida! It's so cute!
I still haven't decided what color to make the outside of the dollhouse. There is just too much choice!
I love visiting your blog!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Thanks for the lovely words, they touched my heart deeply. I am so glad to know that you found respite at my place. Blessings and thanks.

Sandra said...

Don't you just love to find treasurers at thrift and charity stores? I know I do! I'm getting ready to blog about my new to me antique hand crank German sewing machine; it was found at a charity shop.
Aunt Bonnie used to say, "they aren't eating or drinking a thing so why sell?" Yeah, and that's how I ended up with a house full of STUFF!

nancy huggins said...

I love finding someone elses junk at a thrift store that is now one of my treasures..I will be so glad to get moved to where I can find some junk shops.
Take a peek at my blog and the sale I am having until July 7th plus a drawing for a prim dish towel with matching soap :)