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Thursday, June 10, 2010

comment approval, so sorry!

主語なし》It is a/the midwinter Toru bone, 焉 profitable ume blossom 撲 nose smell unmost most a/the young prince. This is the translation of below post and I have had several like this so I am going to have to go for approving comments which I hate to do. But?? what else?

Grr, Cyndi
I hate to go to comment moderation and I sure hope you continue commenting but I cannot have japanese and Chinese comments like above continue to happen.
Sorry but , Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

nancy huggins said...

I don't blame you Cyndi..I now have mine set for approval also..tired of the stupid people that think it is fun to just post garbage..You can also get a virus from comments like that.
It isn't that big of a deal cause we all know that you will approve the comments from all of us (your friends) :)