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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My order arrived from Huggins Haven!

I ordered some Hose Soap I called it and a darling Ditty Bag from Huggins Haven and it arrived to joy in my heart yesterday. It really perked up my day! Even when my husband brought it in from the mailbox he was intrigued as to what was in this cute little box, and it was for me! She is still trying to pay her veterinary bills for her dog that needed medical attention when he developed heartworms but he is recovering nicely and she still has the bills to pay for the Doctor. She is a dog lover and has four dogs!

Nancy actually does not call her soap "Hose Soap" but she describes how you can carry one in your pocket when gardening and wash your hands with the garden hose or hose pipe and some people in the South call it. I just loved that thought! And it actually arrived beautifully packaged with some moss and a little rusty bucket with three fabulous little orange smelling soaps and they smell divine. She called them Citrus Soaps and now has a new Green Apple soap that comes with a faucet spicket holder. She even gave me an extra little zipped bag to carry in my pocket and I do have some gardening to do as I got some more seeds last weekend at Wal-Mart for $1.00 each. I got 10 more packets. The potted plants are so expensive I just decided to plant seeds.  She also included a free gift with her flowers petals soap. Oh my goodness! What a surprise? They are so darling and smell of Rose, Sweet Peas, and Raspberry. I adore all these fragrances!

I also got a Ditty Bag from Nancy which has a stamped Mockingbird on it. I adore it! She is quite a talented seamstress with her sewing machine and the tag on the Prim bag is a grunged material stamped with the Mocking as she lives in Monroeville, AL and this is where Harper Lee wrote the famous book, "To Kill a Mockingbird". I can't wait to go down and visit with Nancy to meet her and take my little vintage 1963 Teardrop trailer, "Daisy". She invited me to park at her home while I am there. I have wanted to go tour the area for a while now and see the southern part of Alabama. The city of Monroeville has a Play of the Book, it has several areas of town showcased with parts of the book and I am reading it now! It IS a fabulous book, I love the descriptive way written and it takes you right to the site, no wonder it is a Best Seller of all time! The city is celebrating the 50t Anniversary of the book too!


I have known Nancy for a while but she just recently moved to Alabama and I chat with her more often. She and her husband are fabulous and I Love that she posts on her blog  about their life and share photos often at Inside Nana's Head blog.  You will love Nancy and her family also!
Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliments Cyndi...I just added a lot more items for sale in my selling blog and will be adding more today and as I get things finished.
I will be having the craft sale in my yard the 3rd week end of June and once I sell my items they will be gone as most of my items are One of a Kind. (so if anyone sees anything they want they better be getting it )
I don't know what I was thinking when I got my 2 FREE Lab/Shepard pups....already had 2 sweet little American Eskimos and their is always 1 of the 4 that needs to go to vet for something lately and now we are paying $80.00 a month just for the stuff for their necks...But they are family now and who knows...they may save my life one day :)

papel1 said...

Hey Cyndi, its the magnet lady Judy. Your blog is great. I see you link to your site too. Nancy is a creative person. The blog here is linked to my other blog, much the same as the one you commented on, but more colorful.