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Friday, May 21, 2010

My Blogger Giveaway from Mixed Media Playground has arrived!

Original art by Theresa Huse, I love it and will frame it!  
My collage of journaling items

I just opened my giveaway package from msartist03; Theresa Huse at Mixed Media Playground that I won by simply entering on her blog, Theresa is a fabulous acrylic painter and is introducing me to journaling. She even sent me a Somerset Studio's Journaling magazine. I can't wait to sit down on just drink in all the fabulous ideas shown in it. 

It is pouring rain outside and I should just go sit on my covered porch in my rocker and absorb in my head so many way to journal. My journals so far are when I started writing down my thoughts on pain to get them out of my head. I never thought of drawing; more like doodling for me, and coloring in it as would add even more embellished ways to show the pain to let it go.
I always put some music on and try to just get into it to change my thoughts from pain and hurt to wherever the music can take me. I love that! This would be more constructive and a lot more clean with stamped images try to draw and make my lettering more fine tuned.

Sometimes as I look back on my notes which I rarely do, as it has just been a way to relieve my thoughts at the time to escape the moment.  I can write very clearly and my cursive or printed word can be very neat and tidy and usually goes on to be very unreadable as I get deeper into letting go.  Also something not to share with the world or even myself after it has passed.  Sometimes to let it pass just takes time lying down and resting while my body just goes through its cycle to a better day.

I do cherish magazines and cut out pictures of things that bring me joy or that I want to do someday. I love staging interior niches and colors. I do buy art supplies, ( excuse me, I DID buy art supplies till I could open my own small supply shop) As supplies always change, I have to just use what I have and not try to keep up with new gadgets and mediums anymore.  I also have to learn to use what I already have! Big Time!  Theresa is a fabulous teacher sharing her thoughts on journaling and I can make myself better just by following her blog and she shares herself and her art so generously, I just love that I have found her.

I do follow Dawn at The Feathered Nest and she just makes me feel good reading her thoughts of her everyday and a link on the giveaway with Theresa was on her blog. I did as Theresa asked to enter her very generous giveaway, I had no idea it would be so fabulous!  I know how expensive those Somerset Studio magazines can be and to share with her followers is a very outstanding giveaway for me anyway as I cannot buy so many of the Somerset Line as much as I would love too. Also Where Women Create is a fabulous set of Magazines and books.  I just get them when I can and read them over and over. I am a collector and rarely toss them out to recycle as I am a saver.
I buy old copies of magazines and books from the charity thrift stores and garage sales. Anywhere I see them, so many are timeless and no matter the time, they are readable and sometimes the really old ones are fabulous for my cutter ideas.

I even buy the craft idea magazines and "How To" instructions  to learn new/old ideas for using my papers, materials, buttons, ribbons, stamps, as I collect everything,. I even get down and pick up ground nature things, acorns, nuts, leaves, and Theresa even sent me some beautiful pressed flowers.  I even read about flower pounding and tried it the other day with my pansies which are fading away as it gets too hot here in Alabama. You just put them on paper and put another piece or paper towels over them and hit the color out with a hammer.  Who'd a thought? well I would not have! I even saw a few faces in them that I thought might be good when crafting a nice headshot abstract of course!  I will show you when I get one done.
I finished a lamp shade I was making and my husband finally told me when to quit. Enough is enough and less is better he said to me.  I had recovered it many moons ago and it showed the seam so I kind of put it aside until I thought of the perfect thing to finish it up. It just was not right yet. I ended up adding a crochet doily over the seam and I had made a coffee filter flower to put over the edging and had made ripped cloth layers to hang aside it. Well, I left it on the table top in my workroom and guess that had fun playing with it. I assume the cats got it to the floor and Bailey had its remnants in his bed a pop up tent like we sell in our shop, MyShop4Pets. He ate most of the paper pieces but I found the organza along with some of the cloth wrapping I had around the stem area. Oh well, it was the first one I made and I can made another. We decided the lamp shade just looked better with a button on it, final! No more, enough is enough to be simple yet elegant.  I need to learn this more and more. 

The final version 

We also started on the Northern Hemisphere lamp shade when I found the perfect floor lamp on sale where I am not supposed to be, the thrift store! And, another story! We went to the Citywide Yard Sale and I had an area assigned to me last Saturday. I believe I posted about it on my other blog "ByLightOfMoon". My reason for being at the Thrift Store was to get a terra cotta flower pot and a pair of jeans for a project I saw at the sale. In fact I got myself one for $1.00 which I thought was an amazing buy.

My Mother's 80th Birthday is coming soon on July 4, 2010. She will love it I believe. She has a very green thumb and can grow anything in a pot.   I love her Shamrocks and Christmas cactus that blooms all the time, she has several of each plus other potted plants in her sunroom and screened porch. 

Boy, have I wandered with this posting of my thanks to Theresa Huse of the Mixed Media Playground Blog she hosts and shares with the blogging world. She is an incredible journalist and I am learning from her the correct way to blog journaling and this post may fail the guidelines. When I get started I can't stop or don't know when too! LOL!
I also blog wandered yesterday a little and found some more fabulous Blogs, I have added their
Links to my sidebar to share them with you. 
Wishing you a FabulOuS Friday! 
Smiles, Cyndi


Msartist said...

Hi Cyndi, So glad you are enjoying your items and like the print I sent you~ You made me smile seeing this article of thanks~ Thank you for following my blog~ All my best for a creative days ahead, Theresa

Sandra said...

How goes the journaling? Your projects are cute.

Anonymous said...

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