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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I finally found my camera on my outside deck by my roses!

It has been rained on I am sure and we had those terrible torms that Nashville took that weekend. It is so sad for them to have all of that happened.

The last photos I remembered taking was Black all rolled up in a rug by my front door and then when I found the camera on the deck it was the last place I would have ever looked. I did find it by just being there and looking down. Wowo, I was estatic! Fisrt I took a photo of the first face I saw, Emma!

And then we went to take some RX bottles to the Shelby County Humane Society for them to use with the shelter dogs and they loved getting them. She also reminded me of bringing in shoe boxes for the kitties. I called my daughter to ask her about saving them and she replied she gets many of her shoes that she wears with socks from the thrift store. I had no idea. I only buy shoes when my insurance will buy them and I have to wear an insole with a sandel so very hard to find a show like that. Naot Shoes are made with a removable insole and mu insurance will not pay for them as they are not sold in medical supply stores. The sandels sold at my insole made store "Foot Solutions" are usually $200-300 and ridiculous, I cannot afford the difference in co-pay so find the least expensive available around $100 as my insurance pays $120.00 every 2 years now. THat is along time to wear a pair of shoes! Anyway, she is telling her friends and I am telling you.

When we drove down to the shelter I love to take my camera and thank goodness I found it, I took some photos of the courthouse in Columbiaba, AL and just around.

And the Bed and Breakfast is beautiful a Victorian


Beautiful place to stay

Another  photos of the town

strange headgear but a bridal shop window

Baseball field
Beautiful house with lots of flowers
Swimming club behind the ttall pines

It is a beautiful Small town, I tried to get the horse outside this window, opps!
but, cute shop window!

Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

I loved all the murals they had painted on the sides of the buildings up North. I always enjoyed a walk to town (we lived close) ans we would take Bianca and Annie and stop sometimes at ice cream parlor and get them each a baby cone and everyone would oooohhh and aaahhhh over them and they enjoyed that.
Glad you found your camera..I love looking at pictures :)

Anonymous said...