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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Recycle Plan and Craft

The Birmingham News
linked to this story today I saw ir and had to sahre with you . I just found this Terra Cycle WalMart video and the date is past but this is something we can do everyday to help our planet. I am a terrible saver of things that I think I do not want in our landfills.

I have saved bottle and cans and who thought of the potato chip bags, plant containers, and we can made postage paid free these items to Terra Cycle and they will re-make something form our trash. I have no idea why the WalMart thing ended, but don't let us end it.

We can do this! I love in a garden home and don't have a lot of room but I do save terribly for my mixed media art and whatever, whenever, I come across an idea. Just yesterday I found an articule for re-using aluminum beverage cans and I had been saving as I see art made from them. But, IHave no idea how to cut the cans to make the flowers and mobiles I have seen It seems a kind of punch? Oh well, that is for you to tell me if you know.

Here is another tip of pounding flowers, the HGTV Version.

Have a fun Saturday!
Smiles, Cyndi

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