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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A new Blog and Fun Giveaway too!

Marilyn at Fanciful Stitches is having a giveaway of her beautiful stitchery in honor of Mother's Day!

Her new blog is beautiful and she offers several entries with our comments for us. I would follow her anyway and go visit her Etsy shop as she is a delightful person to get to know a little bit better.

I found her when I visited her sister, Carol's blog about her new kitty that is all black and I found her sister through my friend Dani of Eagle Wings. Stitchery is the word of the day as I am meeting so many fun new people through blogging. I am loving it more and more.

I am grateful today that I have been able to work on some of my art projects. I am really seriously thinking of the idea about my moon with stairs by adding a window. I thought of " Come to my Window" song by Melissa Etheridge when I was painting it. I guess it could also be the " Stairway to Heaven" song by Led Zeppelin.

Well, I just lost my blog I had just written so I am picking up again, I should always write in Word so when I lose it I can just paste it back here. I did have all up to now in word so this part is fresh again.

I was saying I had been bringing in some of my fabrics I had stored in my garage in bins. It feels so wonderful to just touch the fabrics and the colors or grains just enhance my senses. Does it do that to you? Do you just enjoy the fabrics and wonder in my case who had them previously and enjoyed them first. In my case I get many of my fabrics through the Thrift Store.  They have bins of fabrics in bundles or plastic bags. I also get vintage dresses for the buttons or fabrics. For what I use it for, small patches is fine and cheaper than Hancock's or Joanne's for a half or quarter yard. 

But I did find at Joanne's last week some fabulous organza's last week when I wandered to that area of the store. I went in for some ink spray for my art and found another brand than I was looking for but it will serve the purpose.  Then this fabric was too beautiful to resist. I even got four kinds that will work closely together. It sparkles and shines just like an Alice in Wonderland mushroom. LOL! I really fell in love with it. 

Well, it seems the part where I previously told you about misplacing my camera  and it is a rerun again in my mind.  I just can't locate it today. Oh where, Oh Where can my camera be?  I used it last night to get a photo of Blak when he was inside the rolled up rug by the front door. I had rolled it to get my fabric bins inside from the garage.

We have had thunderstorms all day today and what a weekend for the Talledega, AL Race. All of the events there have been postponed until tomorrow when it is supposed to clear up. There is a lot of damage due to tornado's already in Alabama and Mississippi according to the television and several lives are lost. God Bless their families and their souls. I am sure they had not planned their last day on earth yesterday. So we do have to take advantage of every day and enjoy it.

I am so glad I have worked on my art and played with my fabrics today. All of my  critters have been around me in the house today. We have all been housebound due to the wind and rain. M husband told me how much he loved me when he left for work and I have told him again when we talked on the phone.
I am OK with life should God chose me today. I hope you are also. We just never know; Like my brother last April when he drowned.

Well, I better get back to making a window for my moon.  I am glad to have spent a moment with you. It seems how one blog viewing can lead to another and another. I love blogging and who I meet and what I learn.  I hope you do also and will be a follower for me.

Blessings to you,
Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Hi Cyndi - I remember those moon things, we had one in our house that was filled with doo-dads.