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Friday, April 30, 2010

I have lost my camera!

I am all in an upheavel because I cannot find my camera!
I just cannot find it! Oh Where? Oh where is my camera?

The last time I remember using it was a week ago as it was a Friday and I took a photo of Blak, my cat as he was in a hidey hole of a rolled up rug I had in my front hallway. He was cute with his head sticking out and I got a photo.

Now, I don't know what I did with my camera? There have been so many instances where I needed it this week. I need to be listing in all my internet stores, frstyfrolk's Boutique and DragonflyzDreams on Bonanzle and two Etsy shoppes, frstyfrolk's DragonflyzDreams vintage and ByLightOfMoon handmade.

I have been redoing some old vintage furniture and painting. I just realized I should have taken before photos  before I changed them. Well, I am learning and I will in the future.

Now, I also can't deceide if I should follow up with a " Come to my Window" theme on my shabbed up painted quarter moon. As I type this I am thinking maybe it should be my name as "ByLightOfMoon" is so close to my heart.

Oh my Gosh, on TV right now the evening news is reporting in Orange Beach, AL the sand is already turning brown from the oil spill.  Oh, this just hurts my heart! I cannot bear to watch the TV as they show the bird photos. The National Guard is going down but what are they going to do?

I will return to looking for my camera and getting back together! It will be fun to watch the " Derby Hats" at the Kentucky Derby tomorrow. I can imagine making one after watching the Movie of "Chanel"
when it was on Lifetime TV a couple of months ago. I loved that movie! It recharges me, Maybe I will watch it if I can sit down that long.

See you later, have a wonderful weekend.
Smiles, Cyndi

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