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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Saturday!

I started out to have a simple Saturday. I was going to go to Montevallo, AL to the "Arts In Orr Park" Show. Montevallo is a small town which houses the University of Montevallo, one of the oldest University's on record, I believe. I love to visit there as it showcases a charming small town! The University accepts glass for recycling payment so I always save my glass bottles to tale there for recycling as we do not include glass in our curbside service.

Well, I started out but had to go get a prescription filled in Alabaster, so I went to town and found a" Moving Sale" at The" Lonesome Dove" Ranch which is on the road I drive almost every day, we pass it to get the the highway to town. we have so many times commented we need to find out when the tours are as we had heard of them. Well, one of those things you never do as it can wait till tomorrow that is in your own backyard like we say. Well, tomorrow will never come as Mr. Holcomb passed last year and the ranch is being sold but will stay in the family. No Tours though! But, at least the knowledge will stay there for maybe one day, I will hope!

I went to the sale with no money as I had none plus I had not expected to yard sale yesterday, I was just going to the Art Show to look around on a beautiful day.

Well, what I found there was so profound and the family gave me permission to take photos so I have to share this wonderment with you.

These are photos of the " Lonesome Dove" Ranch in Alabama; Wendy Holcomb was a professional banjo player who died young. Her father built this ranch on his own property with his own hands and gave tours of the site to anyone who happened by. No Charge for tour or anything. He made Carousal Horses and Saddles in his workshop. The recreation of a Western Town was his love! He served popcorn and drinks, I have heard. The ranch recently sold but is staying in the family after Mr. Holcomb passed last year. It will not be open for tours; I found it with a moving sale on a Saturday afternoon.

Hee is a link to see Wendy's profile and a little on her father and grandfather

Here is a link to see Wendy at work on You tube, Check it out, it id awesome and there are other songs by here, just check the side links.

And here are the photos I took, see the slideshow:

I did find enough change to buy some iron wall hooks, gosh I wish I could have purchased the whole box, they were awesome! Along with a yellow marble desk calendar and file holder. I found a nice desk so I went home to raid a piggy bank and went back for the desk, and included a Bowl and Pitcher Set like you would have to wash your face with no water sink available. It was beautiful with white roses, and none broken like it would be at an auction. That is one reason I love buying things from the owners at sales. They also gave me two lamps I had inquired about. I have not had a chance to take these photos yet, Later!

Now, back to the Art Show,

I love Orr Park, we go there frequently with the dogs to walk them, it is full of shade trees and a stream that I love so much. I should just pack a lunch and picnic there. It alsois full of carved trees by Tim Tinger and I have blogged before about his art at the park. well, I got tomeet him, He had carved broken golf balls with his images. I so wish I had some more cash, but I knew going into it I had none. I also found some awesome carved spinning tops, I love spinning tops and have a collection at home, so I really needed one more, Grins! I found carvers, painters, pottery, country chairs, jewelry, felting, and I only got through half the show before it was closing. There was a girl on stage singing I wish I could have gone to sit and enjoy but I did meet her as I was passing her mother's booth of Pottery.

I did get a Poster of the event at half price, it never hurts to ask! I also found many new artists I can see at upcoming shows they will be at, who knows maybe I will be showing my mixed media art right beside them? Oh, come on Cyndi, a dreamer at heart!

As much as I love Montevallo, I had to drive through a few city streets with older established homes that I love as I left to go to the recycling center, I did get some fabulous photos of gardens and folks gave me permission to take photos, everyone is so nice on a beautiful afternoon.
I found this white tree I had to see closer so I parked and went across the street to see closer, and to my amazement it was a White Wisteria Tree, we have the purple blooming everywhere, in fact I had taken a photo of a purple tree at a stoplight that was on my camera, they are so beautiful and the blooms do not last too long, soI have to grab a photo when I see them in bloom.

while talking to myself at the white tree the folks who lived there answered me that indeed it was a white wisteria tree and invited me in their yard to take more photos.I never saw these folks as I suppose they were inside the screen door, but I told them I woul dbe fine outside their fence yard. What a beautiful place to own and I bet they have lived their for years.

I also found a tree I had stopped at before this house that had what appeared to be stepping stones going up the trunk but it actually is fungus growing on the tree.

Enjoy my little floral slideshow!

I really got a lot more out of my day than I ever imagined when I started out yesterday and I have GOT to get some potting soil for my seedlings to get planted inmy own yard.
So, I am off to get doen to business, Ihope oyu enjoued my Saturday as much as I did, and thanks for visiting!
Smiles, Cyndi


Regina said...

Cyndi....what an amazing post with some awesome photos and info. Thank you so much for sharing such a great adventure. I live in Alabama, was born and raised here and had never heard of the Ranch or the Orr festival. I really need to get out and about more..LOL!!!


peggy gatto said...

what a wonderful sunday I had from your saturday adventure!
thanks for the flowers!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I was just drooling!!!!! Good thing I wasn't with you or we would have been fighting over the box of hooks! I don't know much about Alabama, but I've learned a lot from your posts!!! Great pictures, too!

Great to hear from you, Cyndi! It always means a lot to me!


Anonymous said...