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Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet a Crafter with a Huge Sale for her Dog, Maggie!

I want to invite you to meet Nancy Huggins. She is a very merry crafty person, and she makes the most variety of crafts of anyone I know. She sells them on her blog, Huggins Haven and is having a Very Special Sale for her dog, Maggie! 

She is raising money to pay her veterinarian bills for her dog that has heart worms and is in treatment.
She sells all handmade Items including  soap, pin cushions,  market  bags, pet items, primitive vintage, sports items, seasonal , accent pillows, and even has a yard sale, be sure to check out her everything else category for more fabulous items; Photo or binder album covers, quilts, clothes pin bag dress ,  mug mats, coasters, church dolls, hanky angels,  shopping cart handle covers, handmade clocks, quilted  table runners, civil war crackers  and more. She is one very talented lady! 
Please visit and see if your handmade item of your dreams is listed. Be sure to contact Nancy for any questions. She has been crafting for many years that I have know her and is very good at everything she does. 

Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

nancy huggins said...

Thank you very much Cyndi for your help. Maggie is very special to me (along with her 3 sisters and 3 cats)
I will be having another sale in about a week since Maggie has to go back to vet on 21st and also Calli and Bianca.
I am starting to think that raising my 4 legged buddies costs more than raising 9 kids but since they can't talk (at least not so anyone else understands) I have to talk for them and take care of them the best I can.
They are my best friends and always loyal no matter what mood I am in :)