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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Saturday Morning!

I was listed in an Etsy Treasury yesterday and I had the best time last evening. Tamera  and her sister do Treasury's quite often and have made one with a game to play. What creatativity?
We are Siamese if you please is the Treasury my Green Moss Roll is featured in and then I thanked Tamera for supporting me with her beautiful colors and on her profile I found the most enchanting woman when I saw her profile.  She is sharing with her sister who just started a new blog, "The Buck-Toothed Bunny" which features a giveaway from her Etsy shop of the same name. I really had fun and I bet you would also. The second Treasury of Buck Tooth Bunny is  Murder Mayhem Romance Comedy Tragedy Musical, You Decide?  on Etsy, please look at their past Treasury's also as they are very beautiful and maybe some of the items are still available? She has a word story you make up and are invited to share or just see how fun it is to make up a story with the photos given in the Treasury above.

I also found a very nice blog this morning when I woke from the sofa again. I am so bad about waking up to go to bed  when my husband shakes me. Last thing I remember is I was watching "Sweet Home Alabama" on TV with Reese Witherspoon. Well, I don't remember the ending.

Click here to visit Green Paper Packages.

 Go to the Blog  for " Green Paper Packages"  to see about creating what Mary calls Glue Pages! And yes, that is how we all started.  Why didn't I remember that? My daughter gave me my childhood album she found in her attic that I had shipped back to her from our house auction back after 911 happened. At least I thought then these memories where worth holding onto and I am so glad.. So many things have not been remembered until I go through all my photographs and I have always loved taking my camera with me. I just wonder why I never tried to be better. I have been a point and shoot photographer, I hate to even call myself that compared to what you can see on Flicker and other places. Even Etsy as you follow the Treasury's have awesome photographs; some are in the above links.

Well, I am watching it turn to daylight this morning and I love this time of day. I just don't see it enough. The birds are not our yet  but they will soon be at the feeders and singing away.

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志義 said...

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