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Monday, November 2, 2009

Poor Little Boy Blu, my hurt kitty cat

As you know if you have been reading my blog that we adopted two shelter cats from "Tears Animal Rescue" this summer. We got Black and Blue cats only intending to go and get one, but they needed good homes so badly and they just clung to us SO, you know how the story goes....

Well Blu,(we called them Blck and Blu, for lack of better names) has had an eye tearing problem and last week he went missing for two days. We had no idea where he was. Now and then he slips out as he is so fast and Blak who did not care to go outside is getting even faster now also. We really try and watch them to either stay inside or stay on the patio deck outside where we can call to them and see them.

Well, last week we just did not see Blu for two days, We checked all the doors inside(I keep two bedroom doors closed)we opened them and called to him over and over with no sight or sound. Well, we thought he does not want to live with us so whatever although I was very worried that we could not find him.

Then all of a sudden he was in the hallway Saturday morning, SO Had he been in the bedroom all along??? Why did he not answer to our calls?? What is going on??
Well, no answers as bad as I wish he could talk to me. He ate and disappeared again.
On the second day, I pick him up and he squealed in pain. OK, Now I am really worried as he was also holding his front leg up when he walked.

I got him again and we sat down to see and I was aghast at his wound! Awful! I took a photo but it is really bad to share. I thought is was wide and needed stitches but my husband said it was just where he had been licking his hair off around the wound. I put the wound cleaner spray from Bob's wounds on it and he did not mind abit, I suppose it felt good. I did want to clean it real good and a good thing I had the supplies like gauze and the spray we had been using. In fact, we had asked the home health folks after we saw Dr. Delgato,(the infectious disease doctor) last week and he said we could stop the IV's twice a day and go to an oral medicine RX. We had a couple of days RX left and they advised to give it to an animal clinic as they can use the supplies and RX but it could not be used on people as it was made for Bob. Thanks goodness he did not need the leftover medicine. SO we did call the rich and fancy clinic that took care of Megan and Jordan if we should bring him in yesterday (Sunday) or wait till Monday. They are open on Sunday where many clinics are not. I also saw in another view when cleaning it a hole like poke or a snake bite? They said to bring him right in so we did.

It turns out to be a cat bite and OH, he must have lost this fight. We had made him the sling from gauze on Saturday so it did not hurt so bad to try and walk on it and we tried to cover the wound so no more licking but he got it down below his elbow but at least he kept it on. I think He appreciated it!

They drained the fluid build up abscess and gave us more RX for him and said it was dead skin that looked so bad in a black ring around it and that it would all die and fall off and be messy. Well, at least he would not lose his leg and he was good for them to take care of him without having to put him to sleep to work on him. I was NOT going to leave him overnight. If I had to leave and bring him back today. They are a good clinic, just expensive. The Doctor also warned us that now he is susceptible to getting Feline Leukemia as a cat's mouth is awful. I thought they had clean mouths. Well, mo more drinking water at the sink while I brush My Teeth! He loves to do that. Anytime of day!

I guess another day by day thing to watch. She said we could bring him back in a few weeks for a blood test to see if he will be OK. Oh My! Now I am really worried about him. He is a good little kitty but they both are just so curious and you know that saying!

I keep the two bedrooms closed because of so many intricate things they can get into plus my items I sell are there and in garage to keep the pet hair down on them.

Then when we left we were both starving hungry realizing we had not eaten much all day. I was cleaning in my two bedrooms and Bob had been watching the Nascar race in Talledega which is close to us. So, we got Golden Corral, an all you can eat place and we did pig out. We ate alittle of almost everything I think. Then we both realized as the fullness hit that we had had way too much. That is when you get out the handy paypaya that I keep close as it really helps you digest food when you are full.

well, thanks for the read and I have another item to discuss that is on my mind, but Bob(DH) wants to go grocery shopping!

So, Later
Smiles, Cyndi

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