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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday at Moss Rock Festival

We went to this Festival held at The Preserve in Hoover, Alabama on Saturday, November 7, 2009 and Bob rode his scooter and I limped along but I made it the whole way thru to each and every tent of artist's wares. Gosh, We all met so many fun folks, dogs, children, and it could not have been a more delightful day weather wise.

We went last year and can you believe I forgot my camera? I had just taken a few photos with my cell phone camera and this year I used two batteries up on the digital camera. I hate that the slideshow I have prepared is not in the order of the photos as I took them. It scrambled them up for the slideshow. Maybe I should not have made it so large because I could not see all the pages to check for duplicates to get them in the correct order. Anyway, I think you will get a feel for the wonderful art presented at this event. I say to myself: I will be here next year and with a tent! There is so much inspiration to be felt and all the artists' were encouraging to me to just get started. Many of them do not have web-sites, a few have etsy Shoppe's and a few sell locally at the art galleries here in the Birmingham area and over the Southeast.

IM was even standing and talking to a few artist's as they got a Big Sale. I mean $300 to $700 worth of a sale. I saw a lady from New Jersey visiting here with her Mother who got a folk art doll and we named it "Maisey" on the spot as the artist had made her dress a maze of metal squares wired together and she had funky metal hair wire springs. Just adorable! The Mother will Pack and Ship it to her to make it home in good shape. I have seen folks try to carry things in airplanes like this. Grins!

I saw some bottle art with daisies sell at another vendor for a tabletop display, all they have to do is change out the flowers and add water to the bottle vases. Very unique!

We saw beautiful metal fire pits and I spoke up as I always do that these could also be made into beautiful backyard fountains with another layer of metal art. Smiles, he agreed!

I did not have a penny to spend so I apologized to many, I would have loved to have the tiny acorn bird houses. dragonfly pottery, clay bird wreaths, beautiful azure earrings; Oh, So much to see and treasure! I just have to remember..

I told of several folks I have seen on etsy to these artists like a favorite, Cinderella Moments to a girl who makes all paper items, MerriArt(Dame Penniwig) who makes beautiful Colonial earrings, and myself (ByLightOfMoon) I have chenille pumpkins using recycled materials on Etsy.

This whole Festival focuses on Recycle your Household Goods, Reuse and Reduce. The Hoover Fire Department has Plastic Jugs for us to take home, fill with used cooking oil and take them back to the fire department for an exchange to a new jug when full and they recycle the oil into soaps, etc.

The wreaths were all made of recycled natural products, egg cartons, stones, nails, fiber spindles, moss and cactus plants, twigs, metal molds, coke bottles with twine filled with corks, mesh netting, embroidery hoops, and soaps.

This whole Preserve is Surrounded by new Homes with the Preserve in the middle of a rectangle and the artists' tents surrounded it on all four sides so it was a long walk around the whole event with music and food being enjoyed in the middle grassy area. Bob and Emma went to listen and eat while I just strolled around and sharing communication with all I met and I enjoyed making new friends.

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GlennY said...

Great review of the Moss Rock Festival. Good Job!