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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daughter's Birthday!

This is a delayed post as I could not get blogger to upload my photos on Friday AUg. 27, 2009 and I had to get back to taking care of my DH so I am finally getting them to load this Morning Sunday Aug. 30, 2009. NOW, back to original post:

I have been trying to set up my selling sites blog seperate from my everyday blog as I hate to combine both as I know my readers follow for the everyday and not what to buy from me, so I changed my Altered Art Dreams Blog to Dragonfly Dreams and will post to both if I can continue with two blogs. Since My husband is recovering I shall be home more and I need to list more merchandise I have around my home to clean it out, so I will list on the new re-arranged site.

Also, yesterday was my Daughter's Birthday and we got her the most fabulous cake. She loves Edgar's Bakery as does most of Birmingham. She got me the same cake for my birthday a couple of weeks ago in white and when she saw the purple she delighted in it and said this is what I want! So, we give our only daughter what she wants, of course!

The bad part is she has been sick the past few days and did not even let us know. So, I lectured her that she always lets her mother know when she is ill. Her office sent her home from work on Monday as she started running a fever. She has just been in bed and resting. As my husband was not up to par either, her celebration was pretty tiny this year. She was to get a tailbone injection today for her chronic pain and canceled that. That tells me she really is not up to it as she scheduled it a month ago as the facet injections have not worked on her back. I think in wrong place and we were hoping this would help. I will have her at the Doctor if not better today, for some labs.

Good News from Mary, my friend battling chemotherapy. They did a test to see if the numbers are better after her first chemo and they were almost cut in half so our prayers are working. I ask you to please continue them!

On a good note, I want to show you a video I saw and I needed to rest, sit back and just contemplate.
I hope you enjoy it, It is called Colors!

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