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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hospital Gifts to my Husband

I am so sorry and thank you so much for your comments on Saturday that I was unable to publish the special "Second Star to the Right" Blog on the August 22, 2009 as it should have been. I had it ready to go. I had make the slideshow on flicker and written up my post of fantasy and fun for me when my dear husband's surgery was moved to an earlier date.
I took his laptop and our phones' to the hospital as they published we would have Wi-Fi. NOT! They had so many firewalls we were unable to puncture threw it as were many others I spoke to.

I did get to my blog on the I-Phone but I was unable to sign in as it was too tiny for this old-timer to work with to post anything so I really appreciate my daughter Lisa for posting for me as I talked her on the phone threw it. She even tried to get the flicker photos to post, but my fault I could not walk her threw this one as I have to feel myself threw it too. I was trying to make a SET Badge from flicker. Well, the slideshow may have been better!

My husband went into the hospital for a 23 hour visit last week to remove the hardware from a previous surgery a year ago. It ended up that he stayed 3 days when they found none of the fushion had worked, It was just flopping around like a wire in a banana per the Doctor words.

Anyway! An update on my DH and his Health. My husband went into the hospital for a 23hour visit last Thursday to remove the hardware from a previous surgery a year ago. It ended up that he stayed 3 days when they found NONE of the fushion had worked, It was just flopping around like a wire in a banana per the Doctor words.

He had the back fusion about a year ago and had many complications from it so the plan was to go in and take a look and then take the hardware out of the bone. When they did the first fusion the DR discovered he had terrible osteoporosis and had to take the donor bone for the fusion from his hip which had been unplanned. We are an older generation than most of my readers I am sure, and we have been told the bone heals slower anyway than the football players who come to the Andrews Orthopedic Clinic in Birmingham, AL for surgery and heal well. He even takes a shot a day of Forteo, a bone growth drug and wears a bone growth stimualor four hours a day.

Well, time passes and he has not been able to return to an eight hour workday. He was injured at work by a ^%@*% file cabinet in the first place so all this is a workman's compensation case. And in this surgery the DR used a bone protein not paid for my most medical insurance and he said he spent a boatload on Thursday the surgery day when he spoke to me.

I guess I can be glad for that because with our medical insurance who knows where he would be. At least if this will fuse the bone to the new inserted and larger hardware, IT WILL WORK and heal him. It should be available to anyone who it can help. And then it might not be so expensive? He wants to get back to normal as fast as possible and this has been the goal all along.

Well, my daughter has been keeping Emma and she got the cutest puppy dog Golden Retriever plush for a present to him and I got him a new dog book to read. The cats are so glad to see us back home. I grew them some special kitty greens and have got some catnip to plant for them. They are in sleeping with him now in the bedroom.

Fast Forward to Monday:

He is having leg and foot pain with levels 7-8 on pain index. We just hope it is swelling around the nerve. The Dr is in surgery and will call later. I do still have to go get his RX for iron as he lost alot of blood during the surgery and the extra Pain Med that was not on hand at the pharmacy when we got a partial fillingthat was issued before surgery to have on hand. This crazy workman comp has it's OWN pharmacy we have to use and while it is nice, they are not open on Sunday when he was released Sat PM and we had to wait till today. I also will get him soem fresh spinach, like Popeye needed for his muscles. (grins)

He is back in bed with Emma now by his side. My daughter was keeping her and brought her home last evening, The first night home she thought EMma might jump on him and be to harsh, so they trained her to sit! Yippee! She needs that training. IT just takes sticking to making her mind which Bob tends to NOT DO!

Well, I Need to go clean house like the display wall the puppy dog is sitting on, Clutter I love but must remove. This wall is open above the TV storage cut-out. DH horton built our house with lots of neat little spaces but I tend to overload them.

Smiles, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Praying for all of you.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Good gravy, yer poor hubby. I hope his pain levels get down to bearable. I always wonder why the pharmacies run out of pain meds, since I never met a doctor who will prescribe enough of them tp make a durned difference. ARGH!

You rest, too, m'dear, whenever you get a chance. It's very stressful on everyone.

CiNdEe said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I am so sorry to hear of your husbands surgery troubles. It must be so frustrating. Workers Comp can be a Pain in the you know what. It surely helped having his Emma near his side. I know having Jack around me helps a lot if I am not feeling well(-: I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!!!! Take care! I will check back again soon!